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AD Singh’s Big Fat Sikh Wedding

Fashion designer AD Singh is marrying jewellery designer Puneet Sahani. AD Singh who is associated with bling-rich wedding clothes tells us about his wedding plans. “It will be a Big, Fat Sikh Wedding in October this year. The exact details are not finalised yet, but since me and Puneet are both into design we’ve spent a lot of time discussing the ‘what we’ll wear stuff’.” Puneet’s creations, both jewellery and outfits will be an all-in-the-family affair. “She will wear self-designed jewellery and I’ll design all her bridal wear”, says AD. He may not have time to design all his own creations though: “I retail bridal wear at my studio and grooms wear is designed only on request. I don’t think I’ll have time to design all my wear and in all probability I’ll pick an Armani or Hugo Boss suit for the evening functions.”

Puneet, 24 and AD, 28 knew each other socially but since both their families were pressurising them to get married, they started spending time together with the intention of exploring marriage. “You can say it is a love cum arranged marriages”, explains AD whose family has been in the Indian wear business since many decades. AD learnt about the business of fashion and wedding wear at a fairly young age through hands-on experience at his family store after which he studied fashion design at Wigan and Leigh College, UK. AD now retails at his exclusive studio next to JW Marriott in Juhu, Mumbai and at Crescent at the Qutab, Delhi and Marylebone Street, UK.

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