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Book an illusionist & a hypnotherapist to add magic and relaxed rejoicing at your wedding

Singers, dancers, saxophone players – and in some cases, aerial acrobats – have become the mainstream entertainment options at weddings. However, nowadays, magicians, mentalists, illusionists and tarot card readers are also enthralling guests with their interactive acts. And if you are too stressed about everything, you can even hire a hypnotherapist to calm your nerves before your big day – and even host a fun session in between events.

Mangesh Desai and Ravinder Kumar, handled by Talent Management Company, are two names making it big in this alternate entertainment space.

Talent Management Company

Mangesh is a standup illusionist and mentalist who is known for conceptualizing and orchestrating amazing couple entries. One of his famous illusions is to get a bride to enter the stage with a suitcase, which she opens and pulls out random objects from it such as posters of Bollywood stars such as Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh. When the bride puts her hand inside the suitcase for the fourth time, she pulls out her Prince Charming. It’s one of the most innovative and attention-grabbing ways to introduce a couple on stage, and adds a touch of fantasy to any function.

Ravinder Kumar, a hypnotherapist, is the best person to free you from nerves and stress during the wedding. After all, as a bride and groom, there is a lot to deal with – being in the spotlight constantly, facing the glare of cameras, prolonged guest interactions, the fear of something getting derailed… All this, and the pressure to look your best for the wedding photos is a lot to handle. However, through hypnotherapy, Ravinder Kumar can help change your thought patterns and train your mind to deal with the situation in a healthy and sustained manner. His aim is to have you truly enjoy every moment of your wedding with relaxed rejoicing.

Talent Management Compan
Talent Management Compan
Talent Management Compan

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