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Brace Yourself! This Stop Motion Save the Date Video Will Make You Swoon

WeddingSutra Favorite Reels and Frames crafted one of the most creative save-the-date videos for Hemit and Priyanka. Using a riveting stop-motion animation mixed with live action, the film is all kinds of cute and clever and brings the couple’s adorable charisma to life!

Would you cancel all plans so accept this particular invitation? We would!

Anand Rathi of Reels and Frames says that not only is it an amazing video, it’s also the company’s first save-the-date video! He says, “It’s our first and only ever save-the-date video. Hemit and Priyanka are same-same but different. She likes scuba diving, he likes skydiving, she is into Hollywood and he grew up watching Tollywood, the list goes on. When it came down to creating something to announce their wedding, we wanted it to be as unique as they are as a couple.”

“What you see in this video was shot over two days with an overhead camera against a white screen (similar to green screen) with them lying down on the floor. Each frame involved them holding their position till the shot came out right, minutely changing position for the next shot and repeating that over a thousand times! As if that wasn’t backbreaking enough, each shot was then extracted and painstakingly put together against animated surroundings in after-effects. The post-production took about 15 days.”

Hemit and Priyanka are getting married in March 2018—our biggest and best wishes to the gorgeous couple.

Video Courtesy: Reels and Frames

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