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This breathtaking montage celebrates the sheer beauty and spirit of real brides everywhere

The bridal journey of every woman is an experience like no other. Filled with myriad emotions, it looks back upon her life, love and everything that has brought her to this day, as she stands at the dawn of a new journey. In the wake of women’s day, we bring you a celebration film by Dsilva Films lauding the individuality, strength, and unique personalities of beautiful brides across the globe, capturing the rainbow of emotions that surface as they get ready to walk down the aisle.

Created by Joanne Dsilva, the video commemorates all the brides she has worked within her illustrious career. Reflecting on her experience while creating this video, Joanne Dsilva shares her inspiration and vision for the endeavor.

“I woke up, on women’s day, feeling numbly humbled, by the virtues of life that we take for granted. Reflecting by the poolside, the lapping of the still blue waters sending a tingle up my feet, I connected to my feelings. It was my ‘Eureka Moment’. What was initially meant to be an edit with our brides from 2019-2020 eventually turned out to be a 120+ second collective of almost all the brides that I had covered through the amazing years of my career, whose footage, I franticly tried to gather in the short span of time that I had.

The almost tangible flurry of myriad emotions felt by the couple is captured in this video within tiny capsules of each trailer. Seeing all these gorgeous brides juxtaposed together in one little teaser was probably the most humbling, rewarding and overwhelming experience I have ever had.

Through my work, I have had the fortune of experiencing unbridled emotions that run through the couple and their respective families literally beginning from day one. It’s exciting to be able to delve into every couple’s unique story, the joy of their loved ones, the pre-wedding festivities and of course the exhilarating wedding day itself.

Being able to meet not just the brides, but also their mothers, sisters, and friends, while constantly being inspired by their wonderful energy. Creating this montage dedicated to them, felt like a fitting way to express my appreciation and gratitude for this wonderful opportunity to work with them.”

Videography: Dsilva Films

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