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If Your Bridal Attire is Too Same-Same, Maybe It’s Time To Up Your Game

What separates fashion from tradition, couture from the customary, is an inclination for innovation, a passion to personalize – for the era, or the moment or the person. Fashion fearlessly ventures into the unknown, explores new realms of ingenuity. Fashion tells a story, it makes a statement while traditional apparel is a reminder of that which has stood the test of time. Each approach has its charm and value.

Indian weddings tend to be steeped in tradition. However, in the recent past, that tradition seems to extend to wearing Sabyasachi. While this Bengali design demigod seems to have annexed the bridal lookbook, brides are beginning to seem lackadaisical in their lehengas – playing it safe instead of being themselves.

Deepika Padukone - a Sabyasachi Bride

Don’t get us wrong. Only a troll wouldn’t fall prey to Sabyasachi’s charisma. The hand-woven fabrics, impeccable embroidery, and classic silhouettes command attention. This is the Indian Princess wardrobe. But while his designs inspire awe, what is awe-kward, is the fact that bridal wear can only be Sabyasachi’s. If it isn’t it’s either a compromise or a terrible rip-off. If Sabya speaks to your heart then go ahead – procure your entire trousseau from the store. But, if you want to stand out a little, read on.

For the bride-to-be who catches her breath at the sight of muted colors, fabric threaded with intricate embroidery and feminine, youthful silhouettes, turn your sights on Manish Malhotra. If you’re a woman who loves the edge that structure brings, Falguni and Shane Peacock, (a designer duo who have dressed the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna) may have what you’re looking for.

Creations by Manish Arora are a dream come true for the exuberant bride whose imagination cannot be contained in a palette of cordial hues and who would love to work a riot of colors with kitschy details instead. And let’s not forget one of the stalwarts of bridal couture – Tarun Tahiliani whose feminine drapes, delicate embellishments and clever, classy piques keep every collection on trend, unique but perfect for a big wedding.

We need a little soul-searching on our reliance on Sabya. Is it a lack of confidence in our own taste that makes us make a beeline for the ‘big brand’? Is it old-fashioned FOMO about this being the one day we get to be the quintessential bride and we absolutely have to wear him? Or is everyone bombarding us with their opinions (and they’d rather we went with the ‘safe’ bet)?

This is what WeddingSutra suggests. You, the bride, needs to choose an outfit that is totally and a one hundred percent You. Explore colors, fabrics, prints, surface detailing and begin to daydream of how these elements will come together in an attire that is unique to you. You’ll find your inner style narrative slowly evolving from ‘this is popular’ to ‘this is my personal choice’.

Take a cue (and couture courage!) from a number of celebrity brides who this year, picked designers they resonated with, whose aesthetics matched their own design sensibilities. Style maven, Sonam Kapoor left everyone pleasantly surprised by wearing a lehenga by Anuradha Vakil on her big day. The designer is known for textile design and crafted for the actress a vintage looking outfit which was also very well received by the fashion critics.

Neha Dhupia’s pink Anita Dongre lehenga spoke of elegance and timelessness. A designer whose work features heritage crafts of Rajasthan, she took a traditional concept into the ensemble but kept it very relevant with modern times.

‘Masaan’ actress Shweta Tripathi made it to her mandap in a bold and quirky lehenga by Papa Don’t Preach By Shubhika. It aligned perfectly with her lively personality. Shubhika plays fearlessly with conventional lengths of lehengas, makes use of chunky embellishments such as large acrylic mirrors and has a knack for making eccentric effortless.

As we get set to witness one of the most talked about celebrity weddings of the year, we’re looking to Priyanka Chopra. She has carved a name for herself, not just as a member of the entertainment industry on both sides of the planet, but also for being a woman who makes her own path. A force to reckon with, she has never cowered to the convention. As she gets ready to marry Nick Jonas, we can’t wait to see which fashion designers she has chosen to design her bridal trousseau and give form to her unique sense of style on one of the most momentous days of her life.

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