This Bride Planned Her Wedding in 40 Days. You Could, Too.

Plan your wedding in less than a year! All you need are these tips from bride Jiya Pandit who is the high priestess of planning!

Jiya Pandit, an artist manager, told her wedding vendors that she planned to get married in less than 40 days. She watched them hold back a choking cough. “Is this a joke?” they sputtered. But it wasn’t. Jiya was quite serious and when her vendors recovered their wits, Jiya had managed to pull off some sort of record.

 Bride Planned Her Wedding in 40 Days

Why the rush though? Jiya and her new husband, Rikin have known each other for six years and had been dating for one. “I met him through a common friend in the year 2012,” Jiya says, “He’d just returned from Miami where he’d completed his pilot training. We were great friends before we started dating in December 2016.”

 Bride Planned Her Wedding in 40 Days

Managing their work and travel schedules had become a logistical juggle. They already knew they wanted to spend eternity together. Soon a 50-day shoot schedule in Rajasthan in October 2017, the couple decided on the spur of the moment, to get married.

For what it’s worth, we think they got it EXACTLY right.

 Bride Planned Her Wedding in 40 Days

It’s par for the course now – weddings that take ages to plan, Pinterest boards overflowing with inspirational ideas. But this couple was super focused on the only thing that actually matters. The marriage.

Still, “there was so much to do and so little time,” Jiya explains. “We’d set the date for the 5th of February, 2018. I decided to put love on priority and quit my job. Rikin and I were doing EVERYTHING possible to have the wedding we dreamed of. I only got back from my shoot in December and then served notice to my company. Fortunately, everyone was very supportive at work, including the artist I managed, so I had a smooth exit and could start planning the wedding.”

The couple also managed to manage everything within the budget they’d originally set. No mean feat at all.

Jiya says, “On the 18th of December 2017 we were legally married in a court of law. But I didn’t want to have the regret of not getting married with all the rituals 20 years down the line. So I told Rikin that we should have a small wedding in a temple followed by a cocktail party in the evening.”

 Bride Planned Her Wedding in 40 Days

“We started looking out for an appropriate temple but nothing we liked was available. Crossing our fingers, we went to The Club in Juhu to see whether they had a free date. To our luck someone had just released the 5th of February and they wanted an immediate payment to block the day for us. Rikin did not think twice and paid the down payment immediately.”

 Bride Planned Her Wedding in 40 Days
 Bride Planned Her Wedding in 40 Days
 Bride Planned Her Wedding in 40 Days

Suddenly it was January and we had to plan invitations, food tasting, photographers, DJ, bar setup, decor, hair and makeup and most importantly, our outfits! Luckily we both had personal contacts for almost everything and some very helpful friends. I must thank Team WeddingSutra as well since I got many ideas from your Instagram page. Without Rikin’s support, I don’t think anything would have been possible. He gave me my dream wedding!”

 Bride Planned Her Wedding in 40 Days
 Bride Planned Her Wedding in 40 Days

A total coup pulled off in 40 days! And the result? Jiya and Rikin got married in style, sophistication and… with speed!

Photography: Confetti Films

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