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Canvera launches Mobile App for Wedding Photobooks


Canvera has earned itself a reputation as a company that’s constantly bringing innovations to Wedding Photography business in India. Last month, Canvera added a mobile app to its portfolio of wedding photobooks offerings. Available on iOS and Android, the app provides both photographers and consumers unprecedented levels of secure access to their Canvera Photobooks, turning the smartphone or tablet into a convenient, portable showcase for their special memories. The app comes with a wide variety of sharing options that allow users to spread the joy far and wide, giving the photobooks much more visibility with family and friends.

Users can download the Canvera app from the iOS App Store at goo.gl/gWRfqD or Google Play Store at goo.gl/I65vG1. Upon launch, they will be prompted for the unique ‘app album code’ printed on the last page of their Canvera photobook. After keying in the correct code, the photobook will be downloaded on device.

The benefits to both consumers and photographers are manifold.



The one who will enjoy the benefits of this added visibility the most is the photographer. The downloadable version of photobook now contains a prominent link to the photographer’s Canvera profile at photographers.canvera.com. The more a photobook is shared, the more people get to see the photographer’s name and work, generating leads, opening up new business opportunities and even newer markets, than ever before.

Try the Canvera Mobile App and carry your special memories in your pocket now!

 To see a sample book enter album app code: 00sh48mc

**Your app album code is printed on the last page of your photobook. In case you do not know the app code for your photobook, please write to care@canvera.com


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