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Capturing a (bow) wow proposal!

Every dog has its day, but here a beloved pet – alongside a canine squad – made Mitali and Ali’s day with their ‘pawprosal’ in this ‘Save the Date’ video

Rings hidden in cakes, surprise trips, lavish dinners, sunset beach walks – there are many ways couples have proposed to each other over the years. But here’s a proposal video that makes it seem like everything is going to the dogs – literally so. Mitali Salvi and Ali Shakeer’s ‘Save the Date’ video features her beloved dog Pantu playing a very important part – alongside other cute canines – in one of the most important moments of her life.

A chance introduction, a query and few romantic moments in Mumbai led to a beautiful relationship between Mitali and Ali. A few dates later, about a year and half ago, the two decided to get married.

The couple is tying the knot in the sandy beaches of Goa, and wanted to create memories through a photoshoot and video that would remind their guests of their wedding date. “Invitations are a must, but they are so common. We certainly shot for a ‘Save the Date’ photoshoot but still wanted something unique. Both Ali and I are not too cheesy and therefore wanted something a little out-of-the-box,” Mitali shares.

Mitali is a dog trainer by profession and has been training her dog Pantu whom she “loves more than anyone” for the ring bearing ceremony at her wedding. This idea then developed into her involving Pantu in the special video too. “I am very attached to dogs. Even when I am training, all of them are addressed as my students. I had planned this idea over a year and a half ago because that’s when we decided to get married,” she adds.

As luck would have it, Mitali met her future wedding photographers and the videographers during the Love Actually shoot with WeddingSutra. “To be honest, we never had anyone any particular photographer in mind when we planned to do this video. We met WeddingNama at the Love Actually shoot with WeddingSutra. We hit it off and I loved Ankita. It was very important for me to have a personal connection with the wedding vendors,” she says.

Over the next three weeks, they finalized the shoot locations, storyline and other details. The WeddingNama team met the couple months before the shoot was finalized and also were very helpful in giving their suggestions which made them wrap up the shoot in seven hours. “I really wanted to have a ‘Save the Date’ video with my dog. Plus, it was a unique concept and nobody else could do it except me.”

The video starts with Mitali training a group of cute canines, while Ali approaches her. The dogs run to him, startling him. Then Pantu plays ‘ring bearer’ and picks up a small cane basket and offers it to Ali. Watch the video to see how the story unfolds. It took Mitali one month to train Pantu and the dogs in the video to carefully synchronize their actions. Ali too helped her out in all the technical details needed for the video setup to create this heart-warming video. Since she had been training her dog to be a ring bearer at her wedding, she focused on training Pantu on ‘holding a sweet basket’ in the video to make it extra special.

Their video was widely shared on social media which Mitali is most proud about,
“We really wanted others to like it as much as we did. I am overwhelmed by the response I am getting from complete strangers,” she states, smiling.

She also thanks WeddingNama for creating such a great memory, and shares useful insights on choosing a photographer for couples who are about to get married. “It is very important to choose a right photographer who is in sync with your needs and personality for the working relationship to be truly successful. I was very lucky to have worked with the WeddingNama team as they are true professionals.”

Videography- WeddingNama

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