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Celebrities Choose Platinum for their Engagement Rings

From modest bling to enormous rocks, celebrities typically select a platinum setting for their engagement rings. “A platinum setting enhances the sparkle of any stone and holds it more securely,” says jewellery expert Michael O’Connor. Platinum, a naturally white metal, will never fade or change color. Platinum prongs offer better protection which is why your exquisite diamonds or colored gemstones need to be set in Platinum.

Here’s a look at some celebrity engagement rings set in Platinum and similar styles available to fit a variety of budgets.

platinum rings

To view the Platinum rings of other celebrity brides, click on the links below.

Lady Gaga’s  10-carat heart shaped diamond solitaire set on a delicate micro-pave Platinum.

Kelly Clarkson’s radiant-cut yellow diamond surrounded by white diamonds and set in Platinum.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s Platinum wedding bands.

Drew Barrymore’s 4-carat radiant-cut diamond set on a Platinum band studded with smaller diamonds.

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