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Chelsea’s Fairtale Wedding Cost $3 million. A Big Fat Indian Wedding Costs?

The New York Daily News reckons the total bill for Chelsea’s nuptials will top $3 million and they’ve given estimates of what could be the break-up of the costs. While some Americans believe the low-profile Chelsea deserves a lavish wedding, some have reacted with shock over what they feel is an ‘outrageous’ spend.

We asked Wedding Planners Divya and Neha Chadha of A Klass Apart: AKA to give an indication of how much super-rich families spend on Big Fat Weddings, and how different spends are in India. Explains Divya: “At $3 million (Rs 15 crore), Chelsea’s one-day wedding affair, is much more expensive than what a similar wedding would cost in India. My client’s wedding in Udaipur had fifteen functions over seven days and the budget was Rs. 15 crores. While the Udaipur wedding was a super-grand affair, typically, the budget for a Big Fat Indian wedding (with four elaborate functions) is between Rs. 3 to 5 crores.”

Chelsea Clinton- Rs 2.32 crore
Big Fat Indian Wedding- Rs 1 crore
“Top florists/ decor experts like Gurlein Puri charge between Rs 5 lakh and Rs 20 lakh per function, while Dhun Cordo charges no less than Rs 1 crore for entire conceptualization/ theme design.”

Photographer/ Videographer
Chelsea Clinton- Rs 18.6 lakh
Big Fat Indian Wedding- Rs 12 lakh
“This is the fee of photographers like Badal and Raja Jain, Bankim Jain for 4 functions/ 4 days. This includes costs of editing, digital copies, prints etc.”

Food (Wedding and After Party)
Chelsea Clinton- Rs 13 lakh
Big Fat Indian Wedding- Rs 8 lakh
“A very elaborate spread at a 5-star hotel would be Rs 3000 per head. A function at the Jagmandir Island, Udaipur would be priced upwards of Rs 8000 per head. Some families hire the services of top chefs like Delhi-based Marut Sikka who travels with his entire team to the destination wedding venue.”

Wedding Dress
Chelsea Clinton- Rs 11.6 lakh
Big Fat Indian Wedding- Rs 10 lakh
“The budget for Indian bridal wear varies extensively. An Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor bridal creation starts at Rs 1.5 lacs (for a very light outfit). Typically rich Indian brides buy very elaborate creations for four functions.”

Hair and Makeup
Chelsea Clinton- Rs 9.3 lakh
Big Fat Indian Wedding- Rs 2 lakh
“Top makeup artists like Cory Walia, Kumar Iyer, Kapil Bhalla charge upwards of Rs 20,000 for creating one look (makeup/ hairstyling/ saree draping). Families also hire few or many makeup artists for dressing up the family members and guests”.

Wedding Cake
Chelsea Clinton- Rs 4.6 lakh
Big Fat Indian Wedding- Rs 50,000

Wedding Invitations
“Wedding Invitations vary from Rs 100 to Rs 3000 per card. Delhi’s Entertainment Design Company (EDC) cards start from Rs 2000 upwards. Even the wealthiest families may not spend Rs 2000 per card but they would spend on gift items/trays that go with the wedding invitation.”

Other expenses of Chelsea Clinton’s wedding not mentioned above.
Groom’s tuxedo, Wedding Planner, Music incl Sound system & DJ, Security, Liquor, Wedding bands, Favors, Lighting, Stationery, Tables, Rehearsal Dinner, Media consultant, Priest, Valet Parking, Bride’s Jewellery, Aisle Runner, Tents and Other services.

Source: Chelsea Clinton’s wedding expenses: NY Daily News

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