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Wedding Photographer Deepa Netto shares her favorite Images.

(Left) One of my favorite candids. For a change the groom was running late to arrive at the church and the bride had to wait inside the car. She was full of mixed feelings, yet she smiled. (Right) An unusual couple portrait. The equal space the couple take in the frame symbolize to me the equal partnership and contribution that is required in a marriage.

A Tam Brahm Wedding where the just-weds are holding hands and chanting mantras.

A very special photo– a father’s ‘hands’ and his daughter.

(Left) A Mangalorean pre wedding ceremony called Roce where they pour coconut milk and bless the bride and groom. (Right) I love her angelic look

Bride and Beautiful.

(Left) The First Dance. (Right) A pre-wedding shoot.

Deepa Netto is based in Mumbai and her email address is deepanetto@gmail.com

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