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Designing Wedding Photobooks with Amita & Suraaj

Amita & Suraaj Photography began as a collaboration between two colleagues who worked in advertising, and who shared a passion for photography. “We worked well as team members in the ad agency, and soon realized our jobs were not creatively stimulating anymore- so we both decided to quit and venture full-time into photography.” Through their photography, they take great pride in being able to partake the happiness of two families and the special moments of joy. With an eye for detail and a firm belief that beauty lies in the most unexpected places, here Amita and Suraaj talk about encapsulating special moments, suspended in time, into a lifelong photobook to relive memories, time and again.


“The Indian wedding is incredibly vibrant and colorful, and quality photobooks truly do justice to the moments captured. Our clients love seeing their pictures encased in well-designed and sophisticated photobooks. A lot of care and attention goes into developing these photobooks. There are so many customizable options to choose from, in terms of size and design, and with the excellent quality of material used, the photobooks are long lasting and can bring joy across generations. It serves as a treasure, to cherish and share for years to come.


Wedding albums that were produced around 10 years ago now look out of style. Today, there are many options for coffee table books and photobooks, they tell the story of the most special day of the couples’ lives so the selection of photos and look-and-feel is all-important. The photobook must capture the essence of the wedding without giving it an over-processed or artificial vibe. Clean, minimal and classy designs, like what we specialize in, increase the longevity of this physical manifestation as a special memory.

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Canvera, the company which specializes in wedding photobooks, and who we work with, now offer a convenient option of viewing the complete album online. It’s a small world and people tend to have friends and family scattered across the globe. Canvera makes it convenient for couples to share their special moments with their near and dear ones by making the photo album available for online viewing. As is often said, humans may be living across different parts of the world thousands of miles away, but the digital revolution and newer methods of photo sharing truly make it a small world.”

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