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A Dreamy Winter Proposal That Will Have You Swooning This Season!

It’s our favorite time of the year! As the holidays roll around, so do grand gestures, miniature boxes concealing dazzling rocks, and ultimate professions of love. There’s something about the winter holidays that inspires couples to cosy up and make it official and Ushdeep was no different when he decided to surprise Babita with a dreamy proposal in the middle of a forest!

Babita says, “I love taking pictures and my best friend is a photographer so I thought this was just going to be a cozy fall/winter photo shoot. But, as we went into the forest, I noticed lights shimmering through the trees and heard soft music playing. When we got closer, I noticed the beautiful flowers, the candles and the fairy lights as Ushdeep went down on one knee and popped the question. Of course, it was a ‘Yes’!”

A serious shout out to this couple especially Ushdeep who put thought and creativity into this romantic shenanigan and also getting a photographer to capture it all. There are some amazing Twilight feels to the pictures and some actual #proposalgoals that will hit you straight in the heart!

Babita and Ushdeep
Babita and Ushdeep
Babita and Ushdeep
Babita and Ushdeep

Photography: Tirath Shergill Photography

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