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Experience breathtaking Oman in a new film by the Tourism Ministry of Oman

A kaleidoscope of experiences, a tapestry of history and culture, a wealth of natural wonder – the Sultanate of Oman is a jewel in the Arabian Peninsula. Ranked one of the most peaceful countries worldwide, families journey together here to explore a world away from the world – unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced.

And where families are welcomed with such warmth, there will be weddings. The country is justifiably high on the list as a sought after wedding destination.

This film by the Tourism Ministry of Oman captures the essence of this country and its incredible facets. The film takes us on a journey with a young man from India who is visiting Oman for a friend’s wedding. What awaits him?

Adventures, beauty and breathtaking vistas. As the film progresses, the tempo rises – the track ‘I want a freedom from me’ encapsulates the spirit of escape and exploration. It also features the many moods of the country – quiet and serene lagoons, heart-thumping leaps over dunes, deep dives into oases, thought-provoking walks in the deserts under the stars…

Get tantalizing peeks into Oman’s glistening city of Muscat, the rustic town of Sur, the historic city of Nizwa, a well-nurtured turtle reserve at Ras Al Jinz, the breezy-mountainous regions of Jabal Akhdar and the pristine Damaniyat Islands.

The Sultanate awaits you…

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