Expert Speak: Rachana and Zuzer Lucknowala of Vivaah-VOWs

To create the perfect wedding, you need the perfect combination of creativity, consistency and commitment. Rachna Lucknowala and Zuzer Lucknowala, founders of Vivaah-VOWs have all three qualities in spades.

Zuzer Lucknowala and Rachna Lucknowala

After more than two decades in the wedding industry, the Lucknowalas have earned a glowing reputation and helped numerous couples turn their dream weddings into sweet reality.

We speak to them about their journey so far.

1. What would you say have been the key influences that had you enter the wedding industry?
We were always astounded by the concept of weddings and the way we celebrate them in India; the lavish venues, delicious food, and enthusiastic people all around. Being creative and people-oriented, we always wondered what we could do to make this once in a lifetime ceremony the most unforgettable one for every couple. The passion of crafting something different and enthralling lured us into the wedding industry. We don’t just orchestrate weddings, we make memories that last forever.

Zuzer Lucknowala and Rachna Lucknowala
Zuzer Lucknowala and Rachna Lucknowala

2. What were Vivaah-VOWs’ most memorable milestones?
The first celebrity event and the first destination wedding that we organized were remarkable and set a new benchmark for us.

3. What do you feel are the most important elements in designing a wedding?
Understanding the client’s prerequisites and intellectualizing their thoughts. Whether it is gaining an understanding of what kind of venue they want, or interesting décor elements they want to incorporate, it is important to gauge their needs and sensibilities and offer original solutions.

Zuzer Lucknowala and Rachna Lucknowala
Zuzer Lucknowala and Rachna Lucknowala

4. Which destinations and hotel chains make it to your top three?
It’s difficult to choose because every destination and every hotel is special for its own reason. However, if I must, Goa, Rajasthan, and Kovalam would be my preferred locations. As for hotel chains, it would be Taj, Grand Hyatt, and Oberoi.

5. What are your favorite wedding trends this year?
Destination weddings have been the hottest trend in the industry. Having a wedding away from the hustle and bustle of the city, at an offbeat venue is in demand. Besides being a hit among the couples it is also something we as planners enjoy immensely. Traveling to a different location and organizing a wedding over there is challenging yet electrifying.

Zuzer Lucknowala and Rachna Lucknowala

6. Tell us about your experience conceptualizing and designing the theme in association with 10 Emerging and Established Designers, at the WeddingSutra Influencer Awards 2018.
It was a challenge. The designers brought to the table their vision and creativity, and to execute their ideas to perfection was definitely a test of our capabilities too. Nonetheless, working with them turned out to be a great learning experience for the team.

Zuzer Lucknowala and Rachna Lucknowala

7. What are some of the usual client requests that pose a challenge at the conceptual stage?
Every client today wants a unique and memorable entry that is in synch with the mood and concept of the setup at the venue. Thinking of new ideas each time is definitely a challenge.

8. Do you find that the approach towards weddings has changed over the last few decades? In which areas is this most evident?
There has been a major shift in the last couple of years. Not only has buying power increased but the internet means the world is only a click away for consumers. People sitting at home can find inspiration from around the globe. This influx of ideas helps them realize their dreams exactly. The internet also helps them find and connect with vendors and makes negotiation easier.

Zuzer Lucknowala and Rachna Lucknowala
Zuzer Lucknowala and Rachna Lucknowala
Zuzer Lucknowala and Rachna Lucknowala

9. What advice would you give to aspiring wedding planners and designers?
Be open to innovation and always have some food for your brain. Listen to what the client has to say and configure a plan based on their needs. Once you understand what they want that’s half the job done. Keep in mind that you will be working in the most emotionally charged industry so it’s not just the décor or the venue that matters, it’s also about the feelings and sentiments.

10. Complete the phrase: We can’t work without…
…our team. It is not possible to organize a wedding without a compassionate and passionate team who is always there to get you what you want and make everyday enthralling.

Zuzer Lucknowala and Rachna Lucknowala
Zuzer Lucknowala and Rachna Lucknowala
Zuzer Lucknowala and Rachna Lucknowala

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