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Expert Speak: Ruchita Bansal of Izhaar by Core Designs

For the director and founder of Izhaar by Core Designs, the journey to becoming one of the most sought-after wedding invitation designers has been fuelled by passion. Ruchita Bansal laid her foundation in the field with an at-home workshop for designing wedding handbags and envelopes and went on to establish a company with branches in New Delhi, Gurgaon, and Mumbai.

Izhaar by Core Designs

Her design philosophy is an amalgamation of her diverse inspirations from her early years spent in Udaipur and her married life in New Delhi which she blends with the vision of her clients. Each of her creations serves as the breathtaking prelude to a momentous occasion. Ruchita takes us through her journey and shares the trends that she foresees in this industry.

Tell us the story behind Izhaar…

“The journey started as a hobby – I used to design invites and curate gift hampers for my near and dear ones. I loved taking into account every minute detail and weaving the final product to match their taste. Each time I delivered my work, people would give great reviews. They had faith in my work, so they encouraged me to delve deeper in this field, and before I knew it, I had found my passion. Eventually, it led me to launch Izhaar, which is a homegrown brand that has spread its roots wider and only gets better as the time passes.”

Izhaar by Core Designs

What are the unique selling points of the invitations and gifting ranges created by your brand?

“Through each one of our creations, we aim to give form to our client’s feelings. An invite by Izhaar is an expression of artistry, craftsmanship, and creativity that is backed by an obsessive passion for color, form and, above all, originality. We make sure that everything that we create can be used and cherished by the receiver and we believe, this is what makes us stand out.”

Izhaar by Core Designs

Izhaar by Core Designs
Izhaar by Core Designs

Which are the trends in stationery that are popular with brides at the moment?

“Customised luggage tags are a huge hit presently, and for all the right reasons. They have a great utility factor, they pack the mood and aesthetic of the wedding in their design, and make for great keepsakes.”

Izhaar by Core Designs

What’s your forecast for wedding invitations and gifts in 2019?

“Invitations are set to get a lot more elaborate this year. Theme based invitations are going to be filled with personal touches, and intricate detailing will be evident in all designs. With regards to wedding favors, this year will bring along a shift from edible gifts to things that have a long-term value. The idea is to allow guests a chance to relive memories from the wedding.”

Izhaar by Core Designs

A color scheme that will never go out of style is…

“Indian weddings are all about traditions and grandeur because of which the combination of red and gold remains an all-time favorite. While the former is deeply associated with all things auspicious, the latter brings along a feeling of luxury and opulence. Both colors complement each other wonderfully and work well with a range of designs.”

Izhaar by Core Designs

Physical or e-invites – which is your personal favorite? Why?

“Physical invites will always be close to my heart. I would say that their tangibility makes them great reminders of the occasion. Not only have they been around for years, but they have also been a big part of my journey.”

What is the one thing that couples should keep in mind while choosing their wedding card?

“There are not one, but two factors that couples should pay attention to when selecting their invite. What’s most important is that it should be something that both of them like and the second is the relatability of its design.”

Izhaar by Core Designs

The best wedding invitation that you have ever created is…

“The ‘Padmavat’ invite that we did for Vaibhav and Ishita. They approached us just in time when the excitement surrounding the films was fresh in the air. We took a cue from the royalty, and majestic appeal of this movie and the team spent days brainstorming ideas. The final result was a timeless creation that will be remembered for days.”

Izhaar by Core Designs

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