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A fairytale Nikah set in the lap of luxury at Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre

With the luxuriously marbled and spacious halls of Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre serving as the perfect venue, Samreen and Mudasir wed in a nikah ceremony which was captured and rendered into a heartwarming movie by Weddingsutra Favorite – Doodle Studio. A luxurious haven in the bustling city of Dubai, Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre has been a popular favorite for destination weddings.

Opening with stunning aerial shots along the coast of Dubai, the scene encapsulates the spirit of this metropolis perfectly. It is followed by a tender shot within the palatial interiors of Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre which shows the groom descending from a grand curving staircase to surprise his bride with a quick peck on the neck as she waits for him. Accompanied by a soulful background score, this moment sets the tone for the movie ahead which perfectly captures the genuine love that Samreen and Mudasir have for each other. In a montage of snippets like the couple quietly expressing their love, the solemn look on the groom’s face as he sits for the pre-wedding ceremonies, the bride’s nervous smile as she gets ready for the big night and the couple’s shy first dance, Doodle Studio gives the viewer a peek into their exciting journey of becoming man and wife. The first half also gives us glimpses into the tearful moments that Samreen and her dad shared as she bid goodbye.

Injecting an element of fun into the movie is the quick musical transition that signals the herald of a fabulous party. With scenes that show off the colorful decor and the cheerful mood of the guests, the second half contrasts the first perfectly. The bride and groom, both, show their fun side as they dance, laugh and joke around with their families.

The film ends with a gorgeous shot of the bride and groom in their finery under the pure white arches of Dubai, staring into each other’s eyes.

Venue: Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre
Videography: Doodle Studio

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