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Our Favorite Wedding Films of 2018

From that breath-taking sight of the bride gliding down the aisle right down to the crazy after party where the groom’s best friend pulls out his best dance moves after one too many glasses of champagne – a wedding film brings together all these beautiful moments in a manner that freezes the glory of a wedding for years to come.

This year, these were the gorgeous and amazing wedding videos that completely blew us away!

Deepal and Nishant – House On The Clouds
This video that captures the honesty and poignancy of the emotions shared by Deepal and Nishant is here to restore the viewer’s faith in love and in second chances. More than just a chronicle of their big day, this one is a testament that people can have a fresh start fuelled by love.

Maya and Neeraj – Naman Verma
Giving their daughter away, for a parent can never be easy, but in this wedding video, the bride’s father teaches his audiences how to do it with grace and poise. Watch this wedding film and get a glimpse into a father’s heart on his little girl’s big day.

Ayushi and Raunak – Cupcake Productions
For a marriage that was prompted by a scene from La La Land, it would only have been fitting for the wedding film to have just as much cinematic appeal as the movie itself – and so it did. However, perfect camera work isn’t the only thing that this video is about, it is high on emotions that can be felt by those watching it too.

Bhavna and Karambir – Happy Flashbacks
Eloquence, no matter how charming, can be wasteful. Sometimes, it is in the ease of a straightforward “Yes” that one finds potent emotions. This is a film about the effortlessness of love and the power of simplicity which is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Shaista and Kshitij – Slice of Life Pictures
Filled with, conversations, and noises that will reach straight to your heart, this trailer tells us that while pictures may speak a thousand words, it is the songs and voices that stir emotions into the visuals. For its interesting play with sounds, this wedding film stands out from the lot.

Vinnie and Dhruv – Weddings by Knotty Days
Made to mesmerize, this film takes those watching it on a ride of elegance and excitement. Through the montages, one witnesses the deep happiness and fun involved in the celebrations and the couple’s love is easily felt as the bride expresses their relationship as a ‘Best Friend Bond’.

Megha and Lavein – Shaadi Videography
This film with the charming Castello di Vincigliata in Tuscany and a bride who looks every bit the princess ready to marry her princely groom will win over anyone who loves a good fairytale. With operatic music and the chemistry that the couple shares this trailer brings with it unmissable charm.

Roshni and Randall – The Wedding Toast
One beautiful day, one gorgeous couple and one new beginning with many happy faces, myriad of emotions and innumerable hopes and dreams – the film packs it all as it gives the viewers a peek into the couple’s wedding that brings together two different worlds.

Keerthana and Vishal – D’silva Films
One of the most candid wedding films that you could come across, this one doesn’t just give you a glimpse into their wedding day but also shows us what this duo is like as a couple. Besides featuring some of their most informal moments on their big day it also includes snippets from their travels and the day they got engaged which together makes this trailer all too endearing.

Silky and Labham – WeddingNama
This picture-perfect wedding with a gorgeous and lively young couple captures a glamorous celebration that matches their personalities perfectly. As the lavish ceremonies unfold, viewers immediately clock the beautiful chemistry of the couple and are privy to the journey that has brought them this far.

Rumaiza and Anas – The Photo Diary
Funny moments punctuated with emotional visuals strike the right balance between lightheartedness and poignancy in this wedding film. Packed with peppy music, amusing anecdotes, and splendid sights its essence lingers in the viewer’s hearts for a long time.

Sakshi and Varun – The Lightsmiths
Soaked in luxury and heightened by love this captivating film exudes a certain charm that is unlike any other. Sparse on words but extravagant with emotion, this wedding video isn’t just about the ceremony and rituals but also an ode to their romance.

Karisha and Paresh – Romesh Dhamija Productions
Filled with warm intimate moments between Karisha and Paresh, this trailer recites their journey of love in a manner that holds on to one’s attention till the very last frame. The happiness here is infectious and you will catch yourself smiling as you watch a montage of the exhilarating wedding functions.

Saaksha and Karan – Reels and Frames
Unapologetically wild and incomparably fun this wedding film sans the mushy romance and sentimental recollections is a breath of fresh air. Titled ‘The Anti Wedding Trailer’ this one is for those who want to watch something that’s truly unlike the usual.

Sneha and Kunal – Israni Photography
Pulsating with excitement and cheer, this video is a peek into a wedding which, in fact, was a never-ending party. Through its snippets, it brings alive the love, grandeur, and exuberance that surrounded this celebration and backs the eye-catching visuals with upbeat tunes that elevate the mood.

Saffi and Hanish – CineLove Productions
With what seems to be an unending reserve of drinks and dance, this film is called “The Wedding Hangover” for good reason! The visuals show guests partying through the night, ceremonies filled with joy and laughter and a couple much in love that leaves the viewer with a smile.

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