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Capturing the ‘Getting Ready’ Moments

Delhi-based Wedding Photographer Priyanka Sachar shares some of her favorite ‘Getting Ready’ photographs. She says: “The time when a bride is getting ready is probably the last moment she has to herself before the momentum of the wedding ceremonies kicks in —she’s tense yet excited. Quite often she’s also getting beauty feedback from friends, relatives or the makeup artist. So there’s a lot of action, confusion and emotions are running high. As a photographer, I have to capture the excitement, emotions, fun, turmoil, confusion, chaos and of course the beauty of the bride getting ready. All this can be done only if the bride is comfortable with the photographer and almost forgets about his or her presence.

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A bride curls her toes while her Makeup is on

A Muslim bride hurriedly puts on the haathphool on her hennaed hands

The bride closes her eyes and takes a breather during the rushed moments

At a salon in Gurgaon, where the staff attempts to get the Perfect Pleats

The bride’s aunt puts the gajra on her hair

Mother-in-law applies Kajal on the bride’s eyes, Baajoband being tied on the bride’s arm.

A Telugu wedding where the bride has to typically rush through many costume changes, One last look before the big step

The final swipe for the pallu before the bride steps out to greet the guests, The bride looks into the mirror, while the Makeup goes on

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