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Here’s why You Should Take Your Honey on a Minimoon

A miniature honeymoon is a quickie-escape after the wedding bustle; a time-efficient concentrated dose of rest and romance for those who can’t commit to a long, lazy honeymoon just yet.

Here’s why You Should Take Your Honey on a Minimoon
Here’s why You Should Take Your Honey on a Minimoon

Maybe you want to travel in a better season or you’ve run out of leave, maybe you didn’t have time to plan the perfect honeymoon or you’d like to save up a bit more to splurge a bit more…

Whatever your reason, a short, post-wedding trip of three to seven days is the perfect way to decompress, let the fact that you’re married sink in and spend a few romantic days being Mr and Mrs.

Mini-moons are taking the romantic travel industry by storm. Here’s why.

Pocket-size is pocket-friendly
Weddings are expensive and often go over budget. It’s not uncommon after the wedding to feel that a big vacation is a bit of a stretch. Enter the mini-moon! It allows you that much-needed break but it won’t break the bank! A four-day trip is affordable can be a lot of fun.

Go close to get close
Make the most of the time you have by not wasting hours and days on getting there. Mini-moon destinations should be a drive or short flight away to somewhere relaxing and romantic. Don’t get into a commute unless part of the plan is a romantic road-trip or a gorgeous long-distance train journey. It helps that you don’t have to plan and pack for a long trip in the middle of wedding prep too. Throw some essentials into a tote and you’re good to go.

Save your leave for later
Most couples face a leave crunch around the wedding thanks to the days off taken for the wedding itself and on crucial planning days before. You don’t want the boss on the phone while you’re spending quality time with your new spouse so a mini-moon is the perfect guilt-free break.

Remember, time is also a luxury and you’ll be able to really indulge in it once you’ve got your next set of days-off sorted out at work.

Prolong that wonderful wedding feeling
Did the wedding get over too soon? Do you feel like it all went by in a blur and now it’s all going to be humdrum? Well, a mini-moon is a wonderful escape in itself but it also means that you still have something to look forward to even after your trousseau has been packed. Think of it as just an appetizer to your second big romantic vacation that you can take any time you want. The world will still be waiting.

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