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It’s not always about what you wear

Photography is a lot about making everyone feel at ease regardless of what you or the person in front of the camera wears, says Dubai-based Wedding Photographer Zainab.


Being a Muslim woman (who covers) never stopped me from getting photography assignments, though it did take a few people by surprise when I stood on a chair, squat on the floor or ran around without shoes. And I love surprising people! I will admit that I may have lost a few assignments because of what I wear. There have been cases where an assignment was confirmed and then cancelled because the client happened to see my profile image on my website! There are times when I meet a couple for an introduction session and they ask me if I would be comfortable photographing intimate couple shots. People do have notions that a Muslim woman especially someone who covers herself may feel a little uncomfortable in some situations. But photography, especially wedding photography is not for someone who feels uncomfortable in situations, on the contrary it’s about making everyone else feel at ease so you get the best possible natural looking images.

Mother and daughter in the dressing room- I enjoy shooting the ‘getting ready’ pictures most and This image proves how much fun the couple had at their wedding

Moments are happening all around you, I was lucky to capture this tender one between these two kids

Dubai having such a huge expatriate population, most of my clients are from the Indian sub-continent. My style and approach is simple, straight forward, raw, fun & spontaneous. I love capturing the real YOU. I will wait patiently for the moments to occur. Weddings are about fun and raw emotions and I want my images to show that. I believe beautiful photography doesn’t have to look pretentious and I would rather create meaningful images than ‘cool’ ones. Weddings excite me, give me a high and make me emotional. I love the traditions, the chaos, the color, the feelings, the craziness and the sheer magnitude of it all. I am not shy to climb on a chair, lie on the floor, jump in the air or get my clothes dirty to get the moment I want. Academically, I have a Bachelors degree in Mass Media with a majors in Advertising and a Post graduate diploma in event management. I have always wanted to do something creative in life but could never really point my finger on the exact thing. Books, movies, design, photography, colour and events fascinate me. I’ve been born and brought up in Dubai and have spent 10 crucial years of my life in Mumbai. I have always been intrigued by people and they have made up my life stories, it’s through meeting the right people at the right time that I have come to learn about my passions and purpose in life.

You can pose the couple all you want, but it’s raw emotions like this that I am always waiting for

All I did here was signal to the groom to do something interesting, and he crept from behind and picked her up and created this awesome memory

When I showed this image to the bride she couldn’t believe that this was her!

Zainab Malubhai-www.lifecompositions.com

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