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Know your Platinum- an interview with Poonam Soni

‘Platinum stands for eternity and love forever’, says the eminent Jewellery Designer in an interview with Jaspreet Soni.

Platinum, since ages, has been considered a metal for the rich. Hence, in the past fewer people explored the idea of buying platinum pieces. But the trend is changing, more people prefer platinum designs and are keen to experiment with jewellery buys. Poonam Soni, well-known for her unconventional and handcrafted pieces, revolutionized the concept of platinum jewellery when she came up with the extension of her ‘Gaudi Revived’ collection. Here, she talks about her collection, the changing trends and why couples want their wedding bands in platinum.

Says Poonam Soni: “Platinum, due to the way it was marketed and presented, always stood for luxury. It was considered absolute high end. But the real reason why was not readily available everywhere is that platinum is a very rare and dense metal and it needs special machinery to craft jewellery with it. Hence, it is not used randomly to make opulent pieces like you see in gold and silver. The designs in platinum are very clean, neat and flowing with a sense of delicateness to them. It is a chic metal with an aura of luxury. However, that does not mean it is unaffordable, in fact it offers good value for money. The increasing demand for platinum is proof of it, and now more and more couples are now looking for platinum to seal their bond of love”. She adds, “Being a very durable metal it exudes strength and longevity. And that’s the reason why couples want their wedding bands in platinum.”

Poonam Soni tells us more about Precious Platinum and why it stands for eternity and love forever.

– No scratches of time; no tarnish. It survives all the heat, processing required to melt the dense metal, still remains impeccable just like love. It is perfect for setting big diamonds too as it holds them securely for life.

– Diamond also possesses similar qualities so the marriage of the two is a perfect fit.

Platinum is not much more expensive than gold so people are opening up to the idea of elegance and affordability. When it comes to selecting the wedding bands, it is the comfort and the design that should be kept in mind. For men, it is mainly flush setting where nothing pokes or protrudes, or plain bands with engravings. For women, it is low mounted solitaire setting where the design is created around it.

Platinum collection by Poonam Soni

10 year old platinum ring v/s 2 year old white gold ring

– Even diamond necklaces in platinum with its contemporary and wearable designs are the toast of the season; all these factors make it the perfect buy for the modern bride.

Now, there is an extension to the platinum imaging. When Platinum Guild approached Poonam Soni for a new collection, she wanted her aura to be in the pieces. She says, “My style is more red carpet, and less minimalist; I enjoy creating statement pieces. So I decided to create platinum mint coins which can be gifted at weddings. I worked on several variations and an extension of my ‘Gaudi Revived’ collection. I also came up with more wearable coin pendants and earrings in platinum. And that collection was a big hit. Then I went a step ahead and made neckpieces with coins and colored stones that oozed luxury.” From strong, sturdy, clean lines, she turned platinum into a red carpet creation. And in the journey, she realised that it’s not that the wedding customer does not want platinum, it’s just that the customers wanted something new. No one really revolutionized it to make it bolder. And she did it, with panache.

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