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Kothari- Bhartia Wedding in Chennai

Most business magnates would want their children to marry children of other business magnates. In India, that has been the story, and will be the story. While some business scions opt for an arranged marriage, many are finding their own life partners– like Shamit and Nayantara who have known each other since some years. Shamit is the son of Shobhana Bhartia (Chairperson of the Hindustan Times Group) and Nayantara’s parents are Chennai industrialists Bhadrashyam and Nina Kothari. Her uncles are Mukesh and Anil Ambani (Nina Kothari’s brothers). With two of India Inc’s most eligible singles tying the knot, political and business big-wigs are looking forward to attend the wedding in Chennai in January 2013. And India’s top wedding planners & event managers are pitching to win the most prestigious account, with several of them from Mumbai, Chennai & Delhi presenting their credentials to the decision-maker Nina Kothari. The traditional wedding ceremony we hear is at the Kothari mansion at Nungambakkam High Road which will be followed by a grand reception. Shobana Bhartia according to friends, may host a post-wedding celebration in Delhi or Rajasthan.

Nina Kothari (left) and Nayantara. Photo courtesy The Economic Times.

Shamit Bhartia studied at Dartmouth College, USA, worked in the Corporate Finance and M&A Group, Lazard Frere, New York and is now a Director in Hindustan Times Group where he takes care of the media and lifestyle vertical. Nayantara is born and brought up in Chennai and later studied at Stanford University.

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