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Lauren and Bryanna’s same sex wedding sets new rules of love!

Standing by the corner of a house, laughing, crying, holding each other’s hands, all without seeing each other – these moments between Lauren and Bryanna just minutes before they walked down the aisle is one of the many poignant moments in their wedding film.

Their love seeps out through every frame of this beautiful trailer, from their first kiss, to the reading of their vows, and the exchange of the wedding rings. The beautiful mix of emotions reveals itself in layers as the camera captures Bryanna walking making her way to her bride Lauren, with her mother by her side, holding a her father’s hat who isn’t with them anymore. It’s another poignant moment when Lauren tells her she knows much she wishes he was there and plays a video with clips of Bryanna and her father at their reception. Priceless moments such as when friends and family give heartfelt speeches make for repeat viewing.

The visuals and music balance each other perfectly and soon after their wedding concludes, snippets from their fun reception showcase music, dancing and joyful moments. The exhilarating party eventually makes way for the end of the celebrations and as the newlyweds leave, their loved ones give them the prettiest see-off with sparklers.

While taking her vows, Lauren is captured saying, “Our love story is everything but traditional, but who sets rules for love?” This may be a story with two princesses, yet, it is every bit a fairy tale that is no less dreamy.

Videography: All In White Films

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