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LOVE ALL – A wedding film by Nishith Dayal

The film greets us with a snappy montage of images and clips from Anuraag and Devanshi’s destination wedding. A humorous introduction of the couple by their close friends is follow by clips that illustrate the couple’s playful chemistry. Filmmaker Nishith Dayal has chosen the simple and effective ‘piece to camera’ format, as wedding videos have traditionally done, where the couple’s friend circle talking about them. “Devanshi found Anuraag,” says the groom’s friend. “One sec… Anuraag found Devanshi,” the bride’s friend corrects him. That the duo is a perfect match is the unanimous opinion though.

“…the most attractive thing about Anuraag is his sense of humour,” the bride confesses – a statement that explains the mood of the video. We see this in action when Devanshi talks about her husband. But the sweetest comment that sums it up is this – “This is awesome! Devanshi’s found the perfect guy in Anuraag and Anuraag has found the perfect little weirdo in Devanshi.”

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