Love Without Borders: Nived and Rehim

They say we only regret the chances we didn’t take. For Nived and Rehim, taking a leap of faith and reaching out to a complete stranger on Facebook ended up changing their lives forever. The newly-weds were the picture of happiness as they celebrated their union with their loved ones. Nived shares their story with us.

Love Without Borders: Nived and Rehim
Love Without Borders: Nived and Rehim

How They Met
“The first time I laid eyes on Rehim was through the magic of social media. One day, while randomly scrolling through my Facebook wall I came across his profile picture which had been liked by my best friend. Something about him instantly captured my attention, but I was skeptical about approaching a stranger. I finally decided to take a chance and shot out a friend request, and boy am I glad I did. He accepted it within a few minutes and we met the very next day.”

Love Without Borders: Nived and Rehim
Love Without Borders: Nived and Rehim

First Date
“For our first date, we decided to keep it simple. He came over to my home as I had the place to myself, and we got to know each other over breakfast and coffee. I know it’s not a spectacular story, but its simplicity is what makes it memorable as we skipped out on any fake niceties typical of a first meeting and just got to know each other.”

Meeting Family and Friends
“We’ve been meeting each other’s families since the first year of our relationship. It has not been a particularly fruitful endeavor as despite our continued efforts, our parents have not acknowledged our relationship yet. Even though they have not taken any measures to actively oppose it, it still is sad sometimes to not be accepted by your family. However, we haven’t given up hope yet.”

From Meeting to Marriage
“It’s been five years since we met, and it has been a journey of love and happiness at every step along the way. He works in the UAE, and every year we would eagerly wait for his vacation to be able to meet. It does get tiring sometimes, but the anticipation makes it all the more special. The distance has helped us mature and taught
us patience. For us, tying the knot is so much more than just solidifying our commitment to each other. It symbolizes everything we have overcome to reach here. We are incredibly excited that the wait is now over and we get to be together for the rest of our lives.”

Love Without Borders: Nived and Rehim
Love Without Borders: Nived and Rehim

Proposal Story
“Rehim absolutely nailed the surprise proposal. He went down on one knee in public and completely swept me off my feet. We got hitched this year, and are doing IVF in 2022, with my best friend who has agreed to be our kid’s surrogate mother. We can’t wait for the adventure of getting married and having a baby.”

The Big Day
“We tied the knot in an English style non-denominational wedding with just 50 of our closest friends, family and colleagues, including a few media professionals. The intimate soiree was held outdoors against a natural background and looked and felt enchanting with soothing blue decor. The bouquet toss was the highlight of the wedding.”

Advice for LGBTQ+ Couples
“I am in many LGBTQ organizations in Bangalore and Cochin, and both of us are strong advocates for the cause. The only thing I would say is that it’s never too late to express your true self to the world. Coming out of the closet is scary, but once you get over your fear, your entire life stretches out in front of you, free and beautiful.”

Love Without Borders: Nived and Rehim

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