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Love without Borders – Prajakta and Collin

We seek it out to fall into it and then cherish it. It inspires us to share it and also fiercely guard it. It lights up the deepest parts of our hearts and makes the world go around. Love is the experience, the expression that defies language and limits. But as universal as it is, it is almost impossible to truly define. Collin and Prajakta though, decided to try their hands at explaining what love is…

WeddingSutra spent a magical Sunday morning in Mumbai with Collin and Prajakta, whose love story began gently. Their backgrounds differ, Prajakta is Hindu, Collin is Christian and the two have faced hurdles and fought against the odds to make their relationship work. The couple shared their intimate moments and thoughts about love and all it takes.

Love without Borders – Prajakta and Collin

How did you two meet?

Collin: “We were first introduced by the HR department at work. We were just colleagues, always joshing, nagging each other, arguing and of course, helping each other when necessary. We started talking and slowly got to know each other better. It wasn’t really when we fell for each other though. I was just like a love-struck teenager, admiring her from a distance, head over heels!”

Prajakta: “It was the same for me. I adored his fun, crazy, jovial nature and the levels of energy he brought to anything. We were constantly pulling each other’s legs or teasing and it was something we loved about each other, without ever actually discussing it. There was an element of reliving our college days. When we started going out it was all about keeping our relationship a secret from family, friends, and workmates: secret rendezvous, unknown travel destinations, sneaking out to grab lunch together, secret signals. It wasn’t easy pretending to be just friends especially on days we’d arrive wearing color coordinated clothes by coincidence or hiding the picking up and dropping on bikes. What’s weird though is we haven’t yet found a reason to fight. Maybe it’s just our initial stages though and we’ll have amazing fights in the future.”

Love without Borders – Prajakta and Collin

Love without Borders – Prajakta and Collin

How did things change?

Collin: “Once we left the first agency for better opportunities, we connected even better. I don’t think you could use the word love for the way we felt about each other. We’d fallen for each other and there was trust, affection, care, support, the aura, personal space and strength. It was magic. We shared everything; our pasts, our families, our previous relationships and lots more that would keep us clear and transparent with each other. We both agreed that the most important thing was starting a relationship with everyone’s acceptance and without hurting our families.

We carefully considered every aspect of our future, keeping in mind the situations and possible scenarios once we are together, we then expressed and conveyed our love, and decided to be there for each other no matter what.”

Prajakta: “We’ve often been away from each other. Even when we lived in the same city, our homes were really far away. And that’s how our relationship began – we had to stand apart to build a together. It made us strong and helped us understand each other. Collin shifted to Dubai and I got a fantastic job in Mumbai itself. Things changed drastically. The love that we had grown stronger with the distance. We have been in a long-distance relationship for almost 2 years.”

Love without Borders – Prajakta and Collin

Love without Borders – Prajakta and Collin

When are your happiest moments?

Collin: “I think our happiest moments are just when we are around each other, hanging out, making sudden plans and doing casual stuff, being really open with each other. ”

Love without Borders – Prajakta and Collin

Who has the best sense of humor?

Collin: “That would definitely be me!”

Prajakta: “Yes, no doubt it’s him. I personally believe it is desirable and attractive because just like optimism, not everyone has it, but everyone desires it.”

Love without Borders – Prajakta and Collin

How did your friends and family react to your relationship?

Collin: “Honestly, they got the shock of their lives. Not even an inter-caste, an inter-religion marriage? Both families had extreme perceptions about each other’s religions. It took us almost 8-10 months to convince the families to be ready. We are yet to tell our friends and find out their reaction.”

Love without Borders – Prajakta and Collin

Any advice to other couples out there?

Prajakta: “Long distance relationships, especially an inter-religious one requires an immense understanding between the two and there are always going to be sacrifices. Sharing emotions and thoughts in presence of each other is going to be difficult but communication is the key to a healthy relationship.”

Collin: “Relationships like ours that involve two different religions have special challenges, but also special rewards for those willing to manage differences in core beliefs not only with their partners but also with their families and friends.”

Prajakta: “And no matter what the distance, immense trust and love between each other cannot be affected by mere geographical borders or cultural hurdles.”

Love without Borders – Prajakta and Collin

#LoveWithoutBorders is our latest editorial series. In a world that is getting increasingly polarized, we are shining the spotlight on couples and love that conquers all – caste, religion, distance, disapproval, gender and every other man-made borders. If you have a wonderful love story that conquered borders, please email us at editor@weddingsutra.com

Location: Powai Lake, Mumbai
Photography: Whatknot

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