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Mahesh and Snehal’s Platinum Day of Love

Our initiative ‘Love Actually’ features engaged couples and captures beautiful moments between them. The series celebrates people in love as they start their lives together. Over a fabulous makeover and a photo shoot, we get these couples to share how they met, capture the rare connection they have and talk about their day of love.

Mahesh and Snehal’s love story, born thousands of feet in the air, will warm your heart and restore your faith in serendipity. Snehal says, “Our first meeting could have been straight out of a movie. It was just about being at the right place at the right time and what everyone calls ‘Destiny’!”

While they shared their journey of love with us, Dreamcatchers captured Mahesh and Snehal’s camaraderie and chemistry as they enjoyed a quick romantic getaway – themed photoshoot at The Club Mumbai.

Mahesh is a pilot, Snehal is a flight attendant. On a flight, from Mumbai to Kolkata six years ago, Snehal says the entire flight was full except for the seat next to her. Mahesh was traveling off duty from Mumbai to Kolkata. Pilots sometimes travel on the extra seat in the cockpit but that day, that was occupied too so he sat next to her seeing as it was the only one available.

” ‘Oh he’s cute,’ ” she remembers thinking, but he was a stranger, so she pushed the thought away. But she couldn’t help chatting with him and as the plane covered ground, so did their various topics of conversation. Snehal couldn’t shake the feeling that it was meant to be, “The meeting was so random and no one had ever clicked this much with me before. We ended up watching music videos, sharing food and chatting about football and music festivals the whole flight.”

This serendipitous, airplane meet-cute was the beginning of a six-years-and-counting romance. They’d found cloud 9 on a plane, thousands of feet above ground.

There was a catch though. Snehal says, “I had come to Bombay to sign a job contract with a Hong Kong-based company, I was going to move to Hong Kong for good to start a new life and career. But destiny had other plans! Even though I knew this was something different, we believed in pursuing our dreams and careers.” Snehal moved to Hong Kong three weeks later but kept in touch via email and Skype. She says, “Eventually with a lot of doubt – since long distance is not easy – we started dating. We endured six years of long distance! It was challenging but meeting him after every month apart would just give me the same butterflies it gave me the day I first met him! It made it all worth it. He would send me emails asking how my day was or even made sure he was there despite the time difference. I knew he was THE ONE from the beginning and he did take some time because he was still wary of the long distance but then eventually it all fell in place!”

The marriage proposal was as simple as their first meeting. “One night, near Haji Ali (since Haji Ali juice center was my favorite night spot) we spoke about our future and I decided to tell him how I felt. He gave it a long thought and eventually said he felt the same way. And it was decided!”

So what’s the secret to our love, whether it’s born on an airplane or on the ground?

“You can meet somebody and just know in your heart and your soul that it’s a good match,” says Snehal. “Our relationship is simple. I’ve been a nomad in the past decade, living from one country to another and never planned on settling in India because I could never relate to a lifestyle in one place. But he somehow gets me excited about finally calling India home. He is also the wind beneath my wings, always supportive always encouraging and of course forever loving.”

Mahesh says, “Our personalities blend and balance each other and that’s what makes this relationship rare. To find real love, is a very special feeling that needs to be defined with a symbolic testament, and personalized Platinum Love Bands are perhaps the best way to do it. Platinum is by far the most perfect expression of love. It is one of the rarest and most precious metals. I am thrilled beyond words to exchange this precious ring with her since it is symbolic of the extraordinary relationship that we share and it defines who we are. These Platinum bands are a beautiful echo of the unique bond that we both share.”

Mahesh and Snehal may have traveled the world.

But for them to find love and seek solace, all they need is to find their way to each to others’ side.

“In Life, It’s Not Where You Go, It’s Who You Travel With.”

Leaving all their cares behind, they embarked on a quick romantic getaway.

Mahesh: Find a person who feels like home and you can travel the world with them.

Snehal: It’s nice to take your travelling shoes off sometimes and stop and watch the clouds glide by.

Mahesh: I like that even when I close my eyes, with you, I still see all the stars!

The perfect partnership is when you’re trading crossword clues and planning travel routes.

Mahesh: How about you skip the traditional crossword and instead guess the three words I have on my mind?

Snehal: That’s easy! I’d say ‘I love you’.

Mahesh: Wrong! Haha. The real question is, ‘Marry me beautiful?’

Snehal: Yes. A thousand times yes!

A toast to celebrate their platinum day of love!

And a promise to each other to always seek adventure together.

That’s one special day they won’t forget.

A precious bond sealed by Platinum Love bands.

Mahesh: I’m so glad there was just that one last empty seat on the flight…

Snehal: And now you’re beside me for this flight of fancy we call love and life…

With WeddingSutra Favorites Dreamcatchers orchestrating the shoot, the day flew by with ease. Makeup artist Neeta Kapoor had Snehal’s makeup on point through the day, while Malabar Gold and Diamonds picked out the most exquisite platinum creations for the couple. Karigari went a step further and created the backdrop of a lovely outdoor tent which created a carefree romantic mood.

If you’re getting married within the next year and would like to be a part of ‘Love Actually’ write to editor@weddingsutra.com with the link to your Facebook profiles, wedding date and ‘How you met’ story. Selected couples will be invited for the shoots in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Venue: The Club Mumbai
Platinum Love Bands and Jewelry: Malabar Gold and Diamonds
Makeup Artist: Neeta Kapoor
Photographers: Dreamcatchers

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