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Most Liked Instagram Posts of 2018

Thanks to our loyal readers, 2018 has been etched forever as a great year in the history of WeddingSutra! Now you may wonder why, but while there was a plethora of weddings that we gushed over, we hit a home run with 1 Million Instagram followers this September!  :-D

Here’s looking back at inspiring pictures that did not just strike a chord with us but won hearts on Instagram as well!

1. Our Desi Girl’s White Wedding!
Well, this year was truly happening for the industry! From reel to real, the who’s who Bollywood took the world by storm and ruled our Insta feeds for the most part of the wedding season.

2. A flash mob for the beautiful bride.

3. Aladdin, Jasmine and the Magic Carpet – Wedding ft. Desi Baraat

4. A special moment from the #Nickyanka wedding!

5. A candid capture of the bride and her squad!

6. The first glimpse of #DeepVeer’s Sindhi Wedding.

7. TV couple Rubina and Abhinav’s stunning wedding captures!

8. The Ambani princess wins hearts as she walks down the aisle.

9. Set against the scenic backdrops of Lake Como, adorable captures from Deepika’s Mehndi.

10. A breath-taking stage set-up with flowers and lights!

11. Shantanu and Eeshita announced something special but with a dashing smile, their fur baby stole the show!

12. A gorgeous capture of the Ambani diva!

13. The perfect set-up for a quick romantic escape!

14. A power-packed performance by the Groom and his #Bros!

15. An awe-inspiring picture of Sonam and her better half, Anand Ahuja

16. Priyanka’s starry sangeet set major goals as well!

17. The one that spoke of eternal love!

18. Bride Charu showing off her stunning red lehenga!

19. The dreamy proposal that literally swept her off her feet!


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Aashay tells us about his hot air balloon proposal to Ashna: “She once told me she loved balloons so I decided to surprise her with a hot air balloon proposal with a little help from our friends. I got a couple of mutual friends to convince her to come on a 2 day trip for a new deer safari. We reached at dawn at around 5 AM and she was still wondering where we were going when we reached the hot air balloon. The winter weather was just perfect and as we got ready to fly, music started playing. She looked to the left and saw a sign WILL-YOU-MARRY-ME and when she turned towards me I was already on my knees with a ring. She said yes and as we got on to the hot air balloon, rose 4000 feet, I knew life would never be the same. Share your proposal stories with us at editor@weddingsutra.comor tag us with #ProposalXWeddingSutra. Couple- @aashay224 & @ashnaamakhijani 📸: @darshansavlaphotography #HelloFiance #OppositesDoAttract #YouMakeMeBelieveInMagic #LoveIsInTheAir #proposal #proposalideas #couplegoals #inlove #love #proposalgoals #shesaidyes #kiss #diamonds #diamondring #marryme #ido #wedding #weddingutra #riverside #brunomars #marryyou

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20. A proposal that brought a smile to all our faces!


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Nilisha shares, “Rahul, after one month of planning, tricked me into a pre- engagement photoshoot. Being a professional photographer that he is, I assumed he is just excited about the photoshoot as always and I got tricked. Knowing the fact, I hate shopping and would never get my nails done (but always kept telling him how I want my nails to look beautiful when I get the rock on my finger), he smartly got my sisters to work on my wardrobe, makeup, hair and nails. After all this planning, we finally reached the beautiful destination – Hamilton Park in New Jersey which overlooks the New York skyline. Our photographer friend asked us to pose for the pictures so I came to believe that this actually is a photoshoot. After a bit, we are asked to walk hands in hands to another location in the same park so we could get some candid pictures. On reaching the location, I see this beautiful set up with roses and cupcakes that said ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?, a wooden frame with our pictures and my favorite song playing! I whisper to him saying “ This set up is so cute and beautiful. Looks like someone is going to get proposed today” He smiled and continued to walk, holding my hands and suddenly goes down on his knee and got a box out with ‘Rahul & Nilisha’ engraved on it and I jumped with surprise and excitement and ask him if there was a ring in there or this was just for the shoot. He got the most beautiful rock out of the box and popped the question. And there I stood blank with tears, hugging him and just saying how much I love him when all our friends and family who had been hiding in the park came out together and start clapping and cheering. I just stood there with tears of joy in my eyes, looking at him and asking myself How the hell did I get so lucky!” Share your proposal stories with us at editor@weddingsutra.com or tag us with #ProposalXWeddingSutra. Couple- @nilishabrahmbhatt & @rahulparikh7839 📸: @ishashukla #proposal #proposalideas #couplegoals #inlove #love #proposalgoals #shesaidyes #kiss #diamonds #diamondring #marryme #ido #wedding #cute #couple #relationshipgoals #ring #weddingsutra #hamiltonpark #newjersey #jerseycity #adorable #willyoumarryme

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21. When besties, Alia Bhatt and Kripa Mehta left everyone awed!

22. A scene from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani that many imagined with their girlfriend!

23. Another special moment with the Maid of Honour!

24. A post all pizza-lovers related to!

25. Cinderella’s twirl capture!

26. An adorable capture from the #TheMehtaWedding.

27. A cute capture from Eshanka’s big-day!

28. The couple who jived their way to our hearts!

29. The cutest way to pop the ‘Bridesmaid’ question to your BFF!

30. And lastly, the one with the permanent partners in crime!

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