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My 11 Favorite Images

Photography for Delhi-based Atul Pratap Chauhan happened by accident. He shares with WeddingSutra his favourite images, and his journey. “I was born in a small town where a photographer’s job was clicking passport and postcard sized photographs and covering local weddings where you instructed the wedding party to come close and say ‘cheese’. I started my career in the hotel industry and once when a famous photographer was called to do a photo shoot in the restaurant I realised that a photographer is an actually an artist who can weave magic with his lens. Destiny has funny ways to leading you to your destination. During the shoot, this photographer, who is now a close friend, took a test shot on me and that shot I would say was the turning point in my life. That image was stuck in my mind and my desire to do something creative started taking shape. My real journey on this beautiful road started when I was working in Bangalore, where I met another famous photographer who agreed to appoint me as his assistant. I bought my first professional camera which cost me six months savings besides which I took loans from friends and started doing some small projects. Soon photography became a full-time profession.”

To get in touch with Atul Pratap Chauhan log on to www.weddingdaybyatul.com

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