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Neha designs preppy invitations for her Bachelorette Party in Thailand

About the Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be: Neha Ahuja and Munish Wadhawan

“Everyone knows us as high school sweethearts. We have been together for almost a decade now. He was my first boyfriend and little did I know he would be my last! Haha!

We are best friends and people often get surprised at that because we are complete opposites. He loves sports, I love Bollywood. I was always top of my class and he was literally always out of the class. He loves his friends and I love the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Having said that, we enjoy these differences and that’s what makes our relationship full of life.

We are looking forward to this wonderful journey ahead and since I am a wedding planner and insanely passionate about weddings, I am hoping to make this a very unique Sindhi-Punjabi wedding filled with quirky stuff and all things fun.

We live in Mumbai and while we haven’t made any plans yet, we both want a destination wedding so we are exploring some properties around the city.

The date is set for 3rd May 2016.

Inspiration for the Invite:


Every wedding I’ve planned, I’ve noticed the bride’s friends, the bridesmaids, helping out, taking responsibility for little things and making the wedding super fun. But you forget to thank them or make them feel special. I knew I wanted my friends to feel as important as my family. So, I created a special invitation for them to initiate the wedding prep!

We’ve been planning a bachelorette in Thailand so I wanted the invitation to be young, beachy and colourful. Every Pinterest board is filled with pinks and whites so I went for something fresh, a bright yellow for the box with a subtle hint of pink.

I was sure that I wanted it to be personalized to every friend. The invitation had to show the thought and effort put into it, because believe me I did put a lot of thought and effort! Haha! The relationship you share with each friend is unique, so how can your message be generic?

Them came the rhymes! People say I have a knack for writing them, so I decided to write it myself inviting them to a fun 6 day trip to Thailand. My favourite line has to be :  ‘Aaja mere yaara, kyunki shaadi na hogi dubara’ (Love Bollywood – guilty as charged!)




I wanted to give them thank-you presents post the trip and so I included a small form that included their sizes, drink of choice and other preferences.

Finally, the favours. These were inspired by Pinterest. Nail varnish from the Elle 18 Bridesmaid collection saying ‘to getting nailed for life!’ and nude lip-gloss saying ‘kissing my single life goodbye!'”


Concept and Copy: Neha Ahuja
Design: Aarushi Sethi, M: +91 9820355663
Packaging: All Things Giftie (Rhea +91 9967433778)

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