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Nidhi and Yash’s Platinum Love Story

Nidhi and Yash’s Platinum Love Story

Nidhi and Yash first met at a college festival. After a few months of friendly conversation, life, and academic dreams happened and they lost touch as Yash moved to Britain to pursue an internship and Nidhi engrossed herself in her studies back in India. However, the couple reconnected again after a couple of years on Facebook, leading them to meet again. And, the rest is history, as the duo held on steadfastly to their love despite the miles in between them.

Having juggled a long-distance relationship for years, Nidhi and Yash made Thailand their home where the duo pursued satisfying careers while relishing their newfound proximity. So, when an opportunity to work with NASA presented itself, Nidhi was, understandably, both, elated and apprehensive. She shares, “The opportunity to work in collaboration with NASA was a dream come true for me but I was also living another dream of mine, that is, building a life with Yash. If I took up this opportunity, I would have to move to the USA. And, we’d already done a long-distance relationship for a long time. I couldn’t bear to live away from Yash anymore. I rejected the offer and one day casually mentioned it to Yash.

From the very beginning, he has been my biggest cheerleader as he would celebrate my smallest of wins, be it a paper getting published, achieving good grades, or a promotion at work. So, when I etched out the reasons why I had rejected the offer, he was shocked. He understood the unsaid chaos that I’d felt before making this decision. Both of us knew that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He said, ‘I think you should go and prove your mettle there, Nidhi. I’ll follow you.’ Moving from Thailand to the USA was not a small task for him. This meant leaving his home, a high-paying job, and applying for a hard-to-come-by dependent visa to follow me to a new country. And, he did it all without a qualm. While I flew out on a work visa, Yash waited doubtfully for a couple of months to procure his dependent visa. While I coped with the new fast-paced work environment, he was there for me despite the distance as we coordinated with each other daily. Finally, after two months, Yash got his visa and moved in with me at our new home.”

For Yash, packing his bags and making a move to another country for Nidhi to pursue her dreams came without a second thought even though he had a flourishing career in Thailand. Yash shares, “Nidhi is in the budding stages of her career, and when such a great, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity fell into her lap, how could I not be with her to pursue it? I could afford to take a break from my career since I’ve been in the hospitality industry for a while, but Nidhi’s professional journey has just begun.”

Nidhi and Yash’s Platinum Love Story
Nidhi and Yash’s Platinum Love Story

“It’s been a big change for both of us. I am a stay-at-home husband who looks after matters at home while Nidhi is the primary breadwinner. Both of us haven’t been in these shoes before but we’ve seen it through by ceaselessly supporting each other and having complete faith in our love for each other. Because of this, going the extra mile doesn’t feel like an effort at all. In fact, it reminds us how blessed we are and more often than not, veers us into discovering new things about ourselves.”

Reflecting on the dynamics of their relationship which are far from stereotypical, Yash shares, “We’ve always made it a point to meet each other halfway and give equal importance to each other’s needs. When I took the leap to follow her to a new country where I’d be dependent on her, eyebrows were raised. But isn’t love all about backing each other up no matter what life throws at you? When Nidhi grew apprehensive, I simply said, ‘You moved to Thailand when we got married and built a new life for yourself. Why can’t I do that for you?’ And, in a way, this just sums it up. Both of us are equals in every sense of the word. Be it mere household chores, celebrating small wins, or pursuing our wildest dreams, we stand tall with each other to go above and beyond.” Nidhi adds, “It is such a blessing to have a partner who makes a conscious effort to look at the world by stepping into your shoes. As I’ve coped with a new work environment and adjusted to a new way of life, I’ve realized that wherever Yash is, that’s where home is – be it any corner of the world.”

Stepping up for each other and tackling every curveball together, Nidhi and Yash are equal halves who unhesitantly walk the extra mile for their love. Just like their rare love that has stayed true to itself through it all, Platinum Love Bands are crafted with 95% pure platinum that maintains its sheen for a lifetime.

Nidhi and Yash’s Platinum Love Story

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