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Nikita and Akash’s wedding décor by Celebrations is what dreams are made of!

Traditional gota patti at the Ganesh Puja, a glimmering burlesque dream at their sangeet and a breathtaking Royal traditional weds Swarovski Sky at the wedding – Nikita and Akash’s imaginatively designed and perfectly executed wedding décor was a glorious ode to their blissful romance rendered by WeddingSutra Favorite Wedding Planners Mushtaq Ali and Ipsita Biswas Ali of Celebrations.

‘Gota’ and gold for the Ganesh Puja
A Ganesh Puja was the perfect way to begin the wedding celebrations and both families organized a ceremony steeped in tradition in the lush environs of the JW Marriott, Pune. Celebrations took a cue from the family aesthetic and created a magnificent, awe-inspiring set up reminiscent of regal piety. The centerpiece was made with gotta- a traditional gold fabric from Rajasthan that radiates with timeless class. Hues of gold, orange and red were worked through the flower arrangement and fabrics which perfectly complemented the gleaming gotta. The occasion was divine.

Nikita and Akash’s wedding décor by Celebrations

A shimmering burlesque inspired sangeet venue
The sangeet was going to be magnificent and the décor had to live up to it. Celebrations took inspiration from the art of the burlesque – an over the top, glittery, glamorous edge – and crafted a vibe with the intelligent use of light, fabric and flowers. Guests walked through a grand entrance structure decorated with bulbs into the venue where shiny cushions gleamed and flower arrangements wowed besides larger-than-life pitchers. The grand stage was entirely decorated with a LED wall coupled with a bright colored backdrop featuring moving lights.

Nikita and Akash’s wedding décor by Celebrations
Nikita and Akash’s wedding décor by Celebrations

A ‘Royal traditional weds Swarovski Sky’ at the wedding
The wedding was the realization of Nikita and Akash’s dreams. Nikita had wanted her special day to be rich in tradition with the edge of a contemporary aesthetic. So the décor was created in a warm color palette rendered in fabric and flowers of fuchsia, red, gold and bronze. The highlight was the dining area, set under a ceiling built by a large team of specialists who recreated a night sky to rival the real heavens. The star-studded ceiling, the ‘Swarovski Sky’ created using hundreds of suspended Swarovski crystals left the guests star struck in the literal sense!

Nikita and Akash’s wedding décor by Celebrations
Nikita and Akash’s wedding décor by Celebrations

Location Courtesy- JW Marriott, Pune and Helipad of Oxford Golf Course & Resort, Pune.

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