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Our Favorite 15 Pre-wedding Portraits from 2015

Candid romantic emotions backed by stunning backdrops and exotic locations. As the year ends, we have rounded up 15 best photos of 2015 from our Pre-Wedding Album which narrate a story of its own. Scroll along to be spellbound through our favorite couple portraits of the year.

1 If Pixels Could Talk 1

Photography- If Pixels Could Talk (Mumbai)

2 Siddharth Pruthi (Jaipur)

Photography- Siddharth Pruthi (Jaipur)

3 Amar Ramesh

Photography- Amar Ramesh (Chennai)

3-3 Shades

Photography- Shades (Mumbai)

4 Manas Saran Photography

Photography- Manas Saran Photography (Bangalore)

5 Mandar Parab-Photography

Photography- Mandar Parab Photography (Mumbai)

6 Anoop Padalkar 1

Photography- Anoop Padalkar (Mumbai)

7 Oragraphy

Photography- Oragraphy (Gujarat)

8 MM Studio Lucky Malhotra 1

Photography- MM Studio (Delhi)

9 Happy Flashbacks

Photography- Happy Flashbacks (Noida)

10 The Photo Diary

Photography- The Photo Diary (Mumbai)

11 Amit Brot Photography

Photography- Amit Barot Photography (Ahmedabad)

12 Mukesh Vyas Photography

Photography- Mukesh Vyas Photography (Madhya Pradesh)

13 Rajesh Dembla

Photography- Camera Crew (Mumbai)

15 Bugzy's photography

Photography- Bugzy’s Photography (New Delhi)

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