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Rent Wedding stuff for a day?

Rent the Runway, a website was founded by a Harvard Business school graduate, when she watched her sister agonize on whether to buy a really expensive new outfit for her wedding. It struck the founder that the bride was going to spend a good portion of her salary on a dress she would wear once or twice only. The solution was Rent the Runway that makes high fashion more accessible and getting it as easy as renting a movie.

In India, almost everyone rents some stuff for the wedding— the venue or a luxury car, décor material or costume jewellery. But very few rent the wedding clothes or real jewellery. What do Indian brides and grooms think about renting wedding clothes or real jewellery? We spoke to two recently-weds and here’s what they say.

Amandeep Gargi
For a memorable wedding, things do not have to be grand, they have to be worth the occasion. Every aspect of a wedding should have sentimental value to make it worth the investment – from clothes, to jewellery, to venues, decor, and the guests. It is not quantity but quality that matters. Decide for yourself what has the most sentimental value to you and budget to buy the most important. If some stuff is there just for glitter and it has no use later (like décor stuff or elaborate costume jewellery), rent it.
Sonika Bhasin
Brides and grooms should buy what they would love to wear—and cherish it as their prized possession for many years. I didn’t overspend—I just bought clothes for the different functions, some smart cocktail wear and a few sarees. My advice to brides and grooms: if budget is a constraint and if you can’t spend on expensive stuff don’t waste money by renting it. Buy a few exquisite creations which you can use for many years. And if you have loads of money, a wedding or marriage should not be an excuse to overspend—you can keep on buying new stuff later, depending on your future needs.

Editor’s View– We think a concept like Rent the Runway will find it hard to succeed in the bridal space in India. While Indian brides are greatly influenced by bollywood fashion and tend to over-purchase, they are very sentimental about their wedding clothes. They know they may not get to wear their wedding sarees or lehengas again but they look forward to preserving it as a fond memory of their beautiful wedding. Most Indian women are very creative and enterprising in their approach and they truly enjoy the process of scouting for, short-listing and purchasing the best creations; if they really pine to own a dream designer creation, and they can’t afford it, they request their tailor or designer to make a copy of it. Or they go hunting to a store where they can buy an inspiration of the original at a fraction of the cost—and they reconcile to the fact that the copy may not look as fine or elegant as the original creation.

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