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Sara and Priyesh, Courtyard by Marriott, Mumbai

“Love is a silent language only the heart can speak and only the soul can understand.”
These words stand true to Sara and Priyesh. Love itself is not a singular emotion because to define is to limit and this couple who doesn’t need a voice to express their love sure knows how to cherish it.

Sara and Priyesh’s wedding video captures some quintessential wedding moments – the bride getting ready, the groom putting on his jacket, is that a flicker of nervousness on her? Is he a little camera shy?

Sara, a professional makeup artist met Priyesh who works in finance through a common friend, in London. They connected on Facebook and the rest is there for you to see.

In the first frames featuring the couple, you realize their deep relationship is far from typical. Born deaf, Sara and Priyesh reveal what they love about each other. For her, it’s that he makes her laugh, for him, that she is a strong woman. The romance between the two is retraced as they chat, interspersed with footage of the ceremonies.

There’s a tender, emotional moment when they both recall their proposal story and when Sara talks about bidding farewell to her family as she embarks on a new journey.

High on authenticity, subtlety and deep sentiment, the wedding film captures the everyday joy of this extraordinary couple. The tapestry it presents is woven tenderly with graceful rhythm, joyous laughter, and warm, reliable tradition. A story that reveals so much about the bride and groom and a love as ideal as you can be, you’ll find yourself watching the film one more time.

Videographer: Rajeev and Sanjeev

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