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Seven Couples, Seven Vows. Anuradha and Mayank

Every relationship is unique. Every marriage is special. And so are the promises that two people in love made to each other. In this series, WeddingSutra meets seven beautiful couples and discovers the promises they made to each other for the lifetime.

Anuradha Chakraborty works with Tata Motors and Mayank Mohan is with Infosys, Chennai. “Our wedding celebrations were held in two cities—my hometown Kolkata and his hometown Lucknow. I was working in Bangalore, and he in Chennai. So planning and organising it was all was quite a challenge, especially since I wanted to be hands-on involved in all the decisions and execution. What took me most time was deciding on the clothes and finding a good photographer. After many months of research, we were happy with our decisions, and everything went off fabulously well. And now whenever we look at the photos, we laugh and smile.”

How we met
“Wise people say that opposites do not meet, they get attracted; same is the case for us”, says Mayank. “We went to the same B-school with different expectations. She had come with zeal and determination to further her career prospects, I was there to escape from the hectic and monotonous lifestyle of my job and enjoy two years of my life again. While she was the quintessential Bong, in love with music, Bengali literature and Kolkata, I was into rock music, Hollywood & football. Fate made us take up a joint responsibility- we were Class Representatives together, and what followed was blossoming of romance a la ‘2-states’ style with countless discussions about our cultures and our contradicting point of views on almost every topic in the world. Eventually we discovered that we were not so different and the friendship grew into love which has now culminated into marriage.”

What we love and appreciate about each other
Mayank says, “She compliments my personality a lot and that makes it very easy for both of us to get along. She is an ambitious career woman from the big city Kolkata, still rooted to her family values and that brings a great sense of comfort to me and my family who hail from a comparatively small and laid-back city- Lucknow. I admire her honesty and the fact that she is all supportive in whatever decisions I make. And how can I not mention that I always get mesmerized when she sings.”

“He was honest, supportive and caring and we soon became good friends. What attracted me to him was his intelligence and dynamic personality; he is a good football player, movie-buff, loves music and can argue about mostly everything (given that’s it’s pretty difficult to argue with Bongs)! But the most attractive thing about him is his mystic sense of romance. He can make me feel special in out-of-the-box ways without showing off in public.”

Love, Life and Marriage
“Marriage, especially a love marriage is declaration of love, faith and trust in your partner. Honestly, the fact that we are married is still to sink in, it has been just two months and we still enjoy our time together as before.”

Our 7 Wedding Vows
“We tried to prioritize the 7 most-important things we want in our lives so that we can grow old in love. To our amazement, they coincided with the seven colours of VIBGYOR.

– Dreams: About us and our future (Violet)
– Integrity: To this relationship (Indigo)
– Trust: In each other (Blue)
– Balance and growth: To support each other and grow together (Green)
– Youthfulness (Yellow)
– Warmth & Happiness (Orange)
– Passion (Red)

That’s the rainbow we want… a life full of colours!

What we look forward to
“We look forward to spend every moment of our life with each other. ‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.’ We have come a long way from being strangers from completely different backgrounds to being a couple sharing the same roof and we believe there is still a long way to go with promises of many such breathtaking moments.”

Photos Courtesy- Abhijit Dwibedi

Just Married? Would you like to be one of the couples to be featured on ‘Seven Couples Seven Vows’. Email us at weddingsutra@gmail.comwith the subject line ‘Seven Couples Seven Vows’, your names, when (date) and where (city) you got married, how you met and two photos (a pre-wedding or engagement photo, and your wedding photo).

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