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Shelly and Dhritiman’s Save the Date Video

A film shot by Studio XOXO at the pristine coastline of Fortune Island Batangas, Philippines.

Save the Date Location:
Fortune Island Batangas, Philippines. The pristine coastline of white sand and a beautiful acropolis with Grecian pillars made for the perfect setting.

About us:
Dhritiman, originally from Mumbai, currently resides in Singapore and is pursuing a career in hotel real estate development. Shelly from Manila, Philippines has translated her lifelong passion for shoes into a successful business with her own designer line of footwear.

Shelly & Dhritiman literally came into this world together. Born just 4 hours apart from each other in 2 different parts of the world makes for the perfect match made in heaven storyline!

Our Save the Date Video:
While deciding on the location and theme we embarked on our very first wedding related discussion that required mutual agreement, the first of many as you can imagine!

We all know that there is a serious amount of work that goes on behind the scenes with Indian weddings and the same thing can be said for save the date videos. Your save the date video sets the tone for your big day and is hence an integral part of the process. We were able to quickly look past all the hard work and meticulous planning and ended up having an amazing time playing Mr. & Mrs. Bollywood, well at least for this one day in our lives.

We both love the beach so fixing on the location was easy. We decided on a remote island off the Philippines coast for what was to be our first photoshoot as a couple. With bags packed and a crew of 4 we set out from Manila at 2am reaching the end of our road trip by dawn. We were also accompanied by a close friend that made the day even more special and exciting. A boat ride for an hour followed and not before too long we were all set to roll in front of the cameras!

Our crew was excellent, they kept us motivated and took care of the all the technical aspects. We can tell you that getting those drones to beat the fierce winds for your perfect shots takes some doing!

We wanted to act as naturally as possible and allow the beautiful setting and environment to accentuate the shots. It took us close to 7 hours and several costume changes to realize that our beloved Bollywood & Hollywood stars really don’t have it that easy!

What mattered most to us was the experience we shared! It was great to challenge ourselves and do something out of the ordinary, where we were both out of our comfort zones. Moreover, we did manage to create our first ‘reel’ memory as a couple, something that we will look at many years from now and reminisce about. After all, isn’t that what life’s about?

We are now eagerly looking forward to celebrating our special day with close family and friends at the Marriott hotel in Rayong, Thailand and creating many more exciting memories in this beautiful and enchanting country that we have chosen as our wedding destination.

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