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Hrithik’s sister Sunaina Roshan weds Mohan Nadaar

Sunaina Roshan married businessman Mohan Nadaar at a simple at-home function attended by her and his parents and brother Hrithik and sister-in-law Suzanne.

Life has been tough for Sunaina in the last decade—a divorce, a broken engagement and her battle with cancer. Since her divorce in 2000 Sunaina lived with her parents at their palatial bunglow Palazzio in Juhu. She has a daughter from the first marriage who lives with her father Ashish Soni and his second wife Shonali Malhotra. After Sunaina’s reportedly recent secret marriage to Mohan, the Roshan’s were upset with Sunaina. But Sunaina was confident that the Roshan’s would accept Mohan soon. And that is what finally happened, so we’re really happy for Sunaina.

Mohan was earlier associated with Crescendo Music and he now runs a construction business in Mumbai. His first wife and son live in Canada. Sunaina and Mohan now live in Lokhandwala Complex. Our best wishes to the newly wed couple!

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