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Wedding Planning - Jan 18, 2023
An epic 4-part pre-wedding shoot in Texas that celebrated the couples love story and culture
Crossing paths online, Ramya, an Accountant by profession, and Niranjan, a Physician fell for each other the moment they met....
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Wedding Planning - Sep 22, 2020
This groom made 15 roundtrips from Dublin to New York to woo his future bride
Based in the bustling megapolis of New York, Megha Jain and Gopal Narsimhamurthy’s love story bears a strong resemblance to...
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Love without Borders - Nov 20, 2018
This extravagant Gay Indian Wedding Will Melt Your Heart!
Amit and Martin’s beautiful interfaith marriage shows the way the world is changing for the better. When India decriminalized homosexuality,...
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