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The VIP Lounge at a Big, Fat Indian Wedding

“What is a VIP Lounge”, queried a colleague when we talked about today’s blog post. We weren’t aware of what a VIP Lounge is until some years ago when were invited to a high profile wedding reception with lots of VIP’s. The host set up a VIP Lounge, near the stage, so the powerful set after wishing the newly-weds, could sit in the lounge to interact with other VIP guests or enjoy dinner in a more private setting. Some like the Bhosale-Kadam wedding in Pune, had not only a VIP and General area, but a third area, where over one lakh invitees could only see the stage and the couple from a distance. So the wedding had three earmarked spaces- the VIP Lounge, one for Special Invitees who could stand in a line and wish the couple, and one for the General Invitees.

Anchal Arora of June8Events tells us about the VIP lounge she designed for Builder Avinash Bhosale whose daughter Swapnali wed Congressman Vishwajeet Kadam. The reception for over 1.4 lakh guests was at the Balewadi Stadium Grounds, and the VIP lounge set-up designed to accommodate 1500 VIP’s.

A Royal Gold & Maroon theme was the highlight of the VIP Lounge, the canopy was decorated with flowy gold-on-white brocade drapes and royal chandeliers. The décor was brought to life with attractive table centerpieces of red roses, and gold linen. The entrance to the lounge was enhanced with red & maroon roses and Brassicaceaes and beautifully crafted flower hangings of mokara orchids.

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