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The Wedding of Divya & Mantar

by Mahesh Shantaram

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to witness the wedding of Divya & Mantar in my home city of Bangalore.

It was the traffic jamming event of the day attended by thousands of people, most of whom were ferried from Hassan district, a hotbed of Karnataka politics, where Mantar’s father is a much-respected MLC. Sure enough, the wedding and reception was attended by noted persons cutting across party lines (even if their entry and exit was carefully choreographed keeping the political order of the day in mind!). For anyone who finds flavour in Karnataka politics (an acquired taste, no doubt), it was an evening to spot some of the State’s past, present, and even future chief ministers!

Fortunately for me, as personal photographer to this strikingly beautiful couple, I was privy to some of the interesting moments of their day amidst all the frenzy under the burning lights of celebrity. I also had the tremendous pleasure to work with Turei Jones Cooze who was literally a one-man army as he single-handledly shot and produced the wedding video.

Video courtesy- Turei Jones Cooze
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Mahesh Shantaram is a photographer who documents Indian wedding culture and the personal stories of individuals who drive it. You can reach out to him through his website (www.thecontrarian.in/weddings)

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