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This couple’s elopement video is an ode to the power of love over all else

“Every now and then, we come across stories that remind us of why we do what we do! Being Wedding Filmmakers and Photographers gives us an insight into life and love in ways that other people can’t quite imagine. It’s our responsibility to narrate a couple’s story in a way that encapsulates who they are and what their love is made of.

Under all the frills and fun of big celebrations, at its core, a wedding film is about two people who are in love. Aishwarya and Gagan’s love reminds us of classic love stories, of the strength and resilience of true love in the face of parental disapproval. We as Wedding Filmmakers are always looking for love stories that excite us. And when one morning, we received a query on our Instagram for this one, we knew we had to stand for love.” – Happy Flashbacks

Eloping with an entourage of just 8 people, the myriad moods of Aishwarya and Gagan’s celebrations were captured in raw, unfiltered beauty by WeddingSutra Favorite – Happy Flashbacks.

The film opens with beguiling shots of their intimate festivities. As your gaze follows the uninhibited happiness of the couple and their guests, you can’t help but marvel at Aishwarya’s heartfelt rendition of love. Talking about how her feelings have completely changed her perspectives, she says, “Love comes above everything. Come hail, come rain, come sun, nothing stands a chance in front of true love.”

Having met on a dating site, they were met with disapproval from their families, and their wedding party, understandably, included only a few friends and their siblings, with no parents in attendance. Aishwarya ponders over the challenges she and Gagan faced, and how she even sacrificed daily comforts to make their dream wedding a reality.

Amidst the happy shots of the couples poolside celebrations, haldi and the pheras, Aishwarya recalls how much Gagan gave up to marry her. Being an only son, she muses over how much Gagan’s family loves him and the emotions they would experience knowing they weren’t a part of something as big as his wedding.

However, Gagan shares his happiness over being able to tie the knot in exactly the way he wanted, relaxed and at peace, with people who are truly happy to be a part of their day. “Everyone comes across a crossroad moment in their lives where they need to take a stand, and I knew the moment I met her that if I was ever to take a stand for anyone, it is her.”

Talking about their experience with Happy Flashbacks, the couple shares, “We had no idea how to go about the wedding. The Happy Flashback duo became our friends, family and wedding planners, literally helping us from start to finish. In the absence of our family, they were our family.”

As the film wraps up with happy moments of their twilight festivities, the viewer can’t help but be filled with admiration for the depth of their love. Enveloped in the warm embrace of close friends, siblings and love, the ascending sky lanterns in the final shot aglow with the light of possibilities seems symbolic of their beautiful future together.

Videography: Happy Flashbacks

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