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Top Videographers and their Favorite Wedding Video Soundtracks

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words, that which cannot remain silent.” Victor Hugo. Nothing can evoke the complex, unpredictable, transcendent feelings of love like music. Which is why, when it comes to the wedding film, the music is not just a backdrop to the narrative – it enhances the mood, brings in the subtext, it is the wind beneath the wings of the story of your love. How do you choose the perfect score? Instinct? Experience? We asked our favorite videographers about the process of picking the perfect soundtrack and creating the musical magic in a wedding film.




Mili Ghosh
“Music lifts the emotions; it carries forward the story of the film with an underlying message. I like to cross pollinate between instruments and genres to get the right composite, without having to get a track composed from scratch! Selecting the correct track is important so it may take days or even weeks to find the song that captures the emotional depth of the relationship. I often choose to mix or fuse tracks i.e a classical vocal with piano or guitar or experiment with different layers of sound to give it a unique pitch.

The sound track for Sheekha and Abbas’ wedding trailer is ‘Gehra Ishq’. But for Palak and Pinank, I assembled a fusion of tracks and audio – using Gulzar’s poetry recited by Rekha when she paid tribute to Yash Chopra during a live recording. I also used Christophe Beck’s ‘Endless Love’ and there is also ‘Phir Le Aya’ and ‘Jugni’ to give both videos a unique Indo-western twist!”

Aastha and Gaurav, Hitched and Clicked
“Choosing the music is the most time-consuming aspect of creating a wedding video. We advise couples to constantly keep in mind the look and feel of their wedding and the nature of their personalities when choosing a soundtrack. The goal should be to create a video that is engrossing and timeless, so you can relive your memories in the years to come. The right kind of music will load the visuals with impact and capture the essence of love at the wedding.
In this wedding video we wanted to celebrate the fusion of traditional Rajasthani culture with western modernism. ‘Aaj Ibadat’ is a soulful track that perfectly reflects the love and emotions of a couple as they take their sacred vows.”

Anand Rathi, Reels and Frames
“I’d say at least fifty percent of the experience of a watching a wedding film is effected by the music. The right music can be transcendent, taking the audience from one environment to another. For example, a vidaai shot can be made to seem sad, neutral or even progressive just by a change of music. For this wedding film we chose ‘Choudhary’ by Amit Tridevi, ‘Mame Khan’ along with ‘Best days of my life’ by American Authors to capture the indo-western personality of the wedding. The wedding took place in Udaipur but the attendees were very global in their outlook. These two songs bridge the contrast and have theatrical appeal. ”

Arjun Menon, Art Leaves a Mark
“I think sound design plays a very important role in any professional film. Music and sound should effortlessly take the viewer back to a moment without it being obvious. Music should not draw attention to itself but add the right emotion and blend in with the story. We put a lot of time and research into sourcing music to aesthetically enhance the story of a wedding film.
Sid and Sheryl’s wedding celebration was meant to be an intimate one at the groom’s home in Kerala. For us, the music in their wedding film had to match the mood and vibe, so we decided to go ahead with acoustic renditions and songs that would bring harmony to simple, elegant visuals. We chose some of the best versions of a ‘Kadhal Sadugudu’ cover by ‘Diluckshan Official’ and ‘Appangal embadum, Ustad hotel’ and even got permissions to use them.”

Harpreet Bachher, The Wedding Story
“Wedding films are no longer looked upon as simple ‘shaadi’ videos. The whole concept of a wedding video is slowly transforming into a full-fledged film that looks like a full-blown feature/Bollywood film complete with perfect cinematic shots, custom-made music and seamless edits.

The essence of an edit, the way each shot flows into the next completely depends on the music used. The viewer of the wedding video may not connect with the video and emotions if the music used is not right.

We wanted to celebrate the essence of undying love and the change it brings into one’s life through this video. We chose the song ‘Rang Dey’ composed by Amar Khandha and sung by Prajakta Shukre. It went perfectly with the essence of the couple and their story, describing how Divyanka’s life was filled with happiness ever since Vivek came into it. The song was just apt for the two of them, complemented their personalities and the video footage as well.”

Ankita and Akash of WeddingNama
“Music gives direction and flow to the visuals. In trailers especially, we like to use either licensed tracks or create our own music. In long films, a lot of attention is paid to music research. Akash and I spend a lot of time personally finalizing tracks for each and every film and only then give it to our editors. I think it is the music that gives our films that special touch and makes them evergreen. We want our films to be something that people can watch again and again for the rest of their lives and therefore steer clear from ‘current’ or ‘on trend’ music.

For Nishka and Dhruv’s wedding film we composed a customized soundtrack to tell the story of the dreamy wedding. Nishka came to us with ‘Din Shagna Da’ and we decided to make it special and customize it for her. We even surprised them with a special screening of the film towards the end of the three days of celebrations. When the film was played, we were overwhelmed to see their reactions, their laughter and tears of happiness! It just made all the efforts worth it and made us feel grateful for having the best job in the world!”

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