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Vaccine Etiquette 101: Here’s a handy guide to help you ask your wedding guests the right questions

Experience the best of both, safety and wedding cheer, by practicing correct vaccine etiquette at your wedding.

As mass vaccinations take place across the country, couples who have been keeping their wedding plans on hold have started dreaming about hosting the wedding with their loved ones in attendance. However, the time to let one’s guard down completely is yet to come as the COVID-19 situation continues to remain fluid. Due to these ever-changing circumstances, many affianced couples have been left pondering as to how they should go about asking their loved ones about their vaccination status without rustling any feathers or how they can be mindful about the safety of their elderly or unvaccinated guests? Or, how do you politely ask your guests to get tested? It’s safe to say that, the list goes on!

Vaccine EtiquettePhoto Courtesy: Cinelove Productions

Keeping these burning questions in mind and the fact that the pandemic is still present in all our lives, practicing vaccine etiquette correctly to orchestrate a hiccup-free wedding is incredibly important. Swati Sabharwal from Big Bash Entertainment shares, “Maintaining safety and hygiene protocols is vital keeping the pandemic in mind. There is absolutely no doubt that it should be taken seriously by couples and wedding planners. Hence, practicing a healthy vaccine etiquette is essential.”

And, to guide you through the complicated process of asking the right questions and taking correct precautions in a socially conscious and acceptable manner, we’ve compiled a list of points to keep in mind so that you can celebrate your big day sans any awkward moments with your loved ones in tow!

Unhesitantly ask your guests if they are fully vaccinated or plan to get fully vaccinated before your wedding
One is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after the last shot of the vaccine is taken. Hence, it’s completely polite to ask your guest about their vaccine status before jotting down the invites. Additionally, if you are extremely concerned about the safety of your loved ones, you have the prerogative of asking only fully vaccinated guests to attend. However, collecting vaccination proofs at the venue is a big no-no as it expresses mistrust.

Convey the safety measures you plan to take on your wedding invitations or website
The wedding invitation or website often carries pivotal information about the wedding and given the current situation it serves as the perfect medium to convey the safety measures you plan to undertake on your big day. And, if you’ve handed the reins over to your wedding planners then it’s worth mentioning the safety measures they intend to execute during the course of the wedding in detail. Giving us a glimpse of how wedding planners are tackling the matter of safety measures, Rahul Kumar from Vivaah Celebrations shares, “We have now hired a ‘Health and Safety Officer’ within our team who conducts preliminary checks of all vendors and guests being vaccinated before they access the premises. This is regulated through a QR code that is captured in an internal system that records details of all attendees with their vaccination status. We further submit these records event-wise to all parties and authorities concerned. Additionally, the Health and Safety Officer also maintains all required social distancing requirements in terms of seating plans, food handling, and entertainment.”

Apart from this, a precisely written section on your website or an insert in your wedding card also ensures your guests are comfortable with your plans before they RSVP.

Request non-vaccinated guests to get tested
Especially applicable if you’ll be having the elders or more vulnerable members of your circle in attendance, it’s totally acceptable for you to request your unvaccinated guests to get a COVID-19 test two days prior to the wedding. Convey your wishes to your guests as early as possible and ideally highlight this requirement in your wedding website or invitation.

Arrange a temperature checkpoint at the entrance
From supermarkets to salons, public establishments nowadays practice temperature checks at the point of entry. A fair safety protocol, you can also apply this to your wedding day too! But keep in mind that temperature checks are done for, both, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated guests.

Keep your guests’ health history private
Delving into your guest’s health history is a tricky business and may result in a rebuff. But, in case a guest has chosen to divulge their history with you then it’s essential that you keep it private and take the necessary safety precautions to reassure them.

Avoid asking your guests why they aren’t getting vaccinated
There are several reasons why a guest may be unvaccinated and the chances are that if you pry into the reasons behind them, it may be considered rude. Hence, the best course of action is to avoid asking the ‘whys’ and the ‘whats’ and accept their choice.

Keep guests comfortable with flexible seating arrangements
Given the current situation, social distancing has become a norm and there is also a sense of skittishness that has developed amongst people when it comes to being around strangers. And, since a celebration can only go smoothly if everyone is comfortable, it’s best to keep an open seating arrangement where guests can choose where and who they want to sit beside. But if a premade seating plan is necessary to suppress your pre-wedding jitters, then it’s always a good idea to seat your guests with their close family or plus-ones.

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