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Wedding films with a 360-degree view!

Innovative immersive video technology can offer larger-than-life views of your memorable wedding moments from every angle

Imagine that your ‘pheras’ are being captured during your wedding… What if we tell you that this special and auspicious moment could be documented with a 360-degree view? In layman’s terms, this view not only captures the linear picturization of the ritual but gives you an all-round view, a perspective that skillfully brings back emotions of ‘being there again’ when you watch it with your family.

Immersive videos, also known as ‘360 videos’ are the latest addition to hi-tech wedding videography wherein spherical videos or panoramic video recordings are used from every direction at the same time using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras. These videos started becoming popular in late 2015 as they were believed to be the future given that they enabled people to enjoy a larger-than-life, all-encompassing views of recorded adventures and moments.

In terms of wedding videography, these shots are only achieved through very planned and choreographed shots. “Shooting a wedding film incorporating immersive video is a different ball game altogether. There are space constraints and lighting fluctuations and more so, there’s typically no available script to follow.” shares Anand Rathi, Mumbai’s well-known wedding photographer who founded Reels and Frames.

The preparation for ‘360 videos’ is different from the process of shooting regular wedding videos, and involves going over the events flow of the wedding in detail to decide the manner of the shoot. Also, the involvement of heavy camera equipment is minimal. Anand explains, “It is crucial that there is non-obtrusive camera placement for the editing to be successful at the end. Detailed discussions with clients and a photographer’s imagination and creativity are some of the most important things for a successful virtual reality wedding film.”

At present, the videos can be viewed either through social media sites such as Facebook and Youtube using a gyroscope enabled device or through the use of specialised virtual reality goggles for a fully flawless and enjoyable video viewing experience.

If you want your memories captured in 360-degree, you can check out Anand Rathi’s profile.

You can “look around” in the video by using the directional controls in the upper left or by dragging your mouse around in the video window.

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