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Wedding Photography Trends that will be big in 2016

We asked the finest wedding photographers in the industry to train their lens on the hottest trends this year. Some of these trends have already been around for a couple of years while others are going to hit mainstream this coming season. Flip through these tricks and techniques, pick the ones you’d like incorporated into your own wedding album and share them with your photographer.

Drone Wedding Shots
Welcome to the world of drones. Both videographers and photographers love a bird’s eye view of an entire wedding set up, the scope of spectacular scenery or a seemingly ‘stolen’ glimpse of an intimate moment from afar. Highly recommended for outdoor ceremonies and destination weddings, the cinematic grandeur of aerial footage cannot be replicated.


Photo Courtesy- (left) Candid Tales and (right) WeddingRaja

Mili ghosh

Photo Courtesy- Mili Ghosh


Photo courtesy- Reels and Frames

Photo Booths & Selfie Stations
The wedding photo booth is becoming a popular fixture and this year, the props and equipment on offer are quirkier, more sophisticated and therefore far more social-media friendly. We also love the trend of social-media-savvy couples setting up ‘selfie stations’ complete with gorgeous backdrop, vanity-friendly lighting and props for friends and family to have a little fun in.

kunal khanna

Photo Courtesy-  Kunal Khanna

Photo Tantra Photo booth

Photo Courtesy- Photo Tantra

Editorial Style Shots
You’ve planned this look to perfection, you’re glammed up and glowing, why wouldn’t you want your wedding pictures to look like they came straight out of a magazine? Editorial-style shoots come in many flavours but there are essentially two ways to do them. First, the high-fashion, studio-lit, posed capture that looks like a page from Vogue magazine. The second is a more natural extension of wedding photography – romantic, intimate, more J Crew catalog than a vogue fashion shoot. Whatever your style, go ahead and indulge yourself. The spotlight is on you.


Photo Courtesy- Ramit Batra

Jasmina 5

Photo Courtesy- El Marco Rojo Fotografia

Smoke Bombs
If you have seen photos of brides and grooms swirling around, colorful clouds of smoke in the background, you know what we’re talking about. Smoke bombs are the new weapon of choice for pre-wedding photography if you are looking for an extra dose of whimsy and fun. Be warned, it takes skill because smoke bombs are not easy to work with. Work with someone who knows what they are doing.

Namit Narlawar

Photo Courtesy- Namit Narlawar

10A Bharat Gopalani

Photo Courtesy- Bharat Gopalani Photography

Goodbye to overprocessed photos
Here is a trend we are thankful for! Instagram’s popularity over the last few years resulted in filters taking over photography. Dramatic, over-processed photos had become the norm. We can’t say this enough – “Less is More, People”. Skip the filters and let the beauty of the day shine through simple, natural editing of photos. Also, remember, over-the-top filters are the last refuge of bad photographers.


Photo Courtesy- Shades

Classic Film Photography
Film photography has been gaining traction in recent years but we don’t think it will go mainstream because the current generation of photographers has learnt their craft on digital. Film photography is time consuming and expensive and there are few really experienced film photographers in the market.

Jonas perterson

Photos Courtesy- Jonas Peterson Photography

Elizabeth Anne

Photos Courtesy- Elizabeth Anne

Still, some top wedding photographers like Jose Villa, continue to work with film to create beautiful, soulful images. Photographers deft with film say it is incomparable with rendering light, color, and tone. While we can’t say we are not partial towards film photography, the important thing to remember is that a film itself can’t save mediocre photography with bad lighting.

Shooting the Proposal
One of the most pivotal moments of your life is when he asks and you say yes. Or vice versa. Savvy couples now want to document that precious moment but also preserve the sanctity. And so, photographers are being hired to capture this moment but secretly so it can be relived by the couple and shared with friends and family. This is one trend we can totally get behind.


Photo Courtesy- Aegean Films

Hashtag the Wedding
Instagram, or it didn’t happen! Whether you like it or not, your guests will Instagram your wedding. So start the fun by creating a hashtag and spreading the word by sending it out with your save-the-date. Leave reminders at the wedding (especially the photo booths) in case guests forget. And then sit back and browse through the tagged candid photos they post online after the wedding!


Photo Courtesy- (left) Picture Perfect India

GIFS and Cinemagraphs
Animated GIFs and cinemagraphs are a great example of using the best of what digital has to offer. Cinemagraphs look like still photos but actually feature a subtle area of movement designed to grab your eye and keep you looking.  The way it brings a certain part of the photo to life is simply stunning. Because the photos are in a digital .gif format, these cinemagraphs can be displayed on blogs, Tumblr accounts, as Facebook profile pictures, or even in a digital picture frame.



Photos Courtesy- Shades


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