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Wedding Photography Trends You Need to Know

Super saturated colors? Vintage? Bokeh? Sounds like mumbo jumbo but these are some of the hottest trends in wedding photography. Check out what they mean and if you would like to incorporate them, share them with your photographer.

Super Saturated Color
Super saturated photos in simple terms mean colors are more brilliant in photos than real life. They are great for creating trendy and whimsical engagement and wedding portraits and making wedding decor photos pop.

“I believe in bright rich colors for an indian wedding since it brings out the true emotions and spreads happiness. My photos are always post processed to ensure bright rich popping colors”..,” says Mili Ghosh, Creative Director, Memories in Motion Cinematography & Films http://www.memoinmotion.com/

Vintage effect
Give your photos a washed out or dated look as if they are from a completely different time. Vintage look is not for everyone. If you love the vintage look and it reflects your personality, you could ask your photographer to use vintage effect for some of your engagement and wedding portraits to create nostalgia.

“When it comes to editing, I give my clients an option for something different than the traditional edits. And many of them prefer the vintage edits over the conventional edits. And if it’s a summer wedding, it
brings a warm glow to the photos”, said Nirav Solanki of Indian Wedding Snap www.indianweddingsnap.com.”

Grunge Textures
It is an effect created by heavily editing and enhancing images in order to make them look textured, edgy and dramatic. It finds favor with fine art photographers and rock aficionados. It’s great for engagement and wedding portraits if you want them to look moody.

“I rarely use Grungy texture, and when I use, it’s to get a specific look that the client needs or to bring the photo closer to an envisioned image. In most cases it brings a mood to the photo and to take away the attention from the details of the photo. This also makes the subject stand out through different layer with effective use of lighting,” says Saneesh Sukumaran, https://www.facebook.com/saneeshphoto

The word “Bokeh” has Japanese origins. It means “blurred” or “hazy” and in photographic term it means part of the image is aesthetically blurred or out-of-focus in a way that objects in focus stand out beautifully.

“Quality of bokeh is very important for me to make my subject or subjects stand out in my shots. I strive to achieve bokeh and shallow depth of field in the shots where its least expected”, says Kunal Mehta, Photographer/ Owner, www.eventsbyspl.com

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