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WeddingSutra Exclusive: Makeup artist Tamanna Rooz shares expert tips for brides marrying post the pandemic

Intimate weddings, due to the pandemic, have emerged as the flavor of the season. But regardless of the scale of the wedding, a bride’s outfit, hair, and makeup remain of the utmost importance. It’s no secret that being a bride is a balancing act that has now become even tougher due to the safety protocols one has to follow. Also, when it comes to bridal makeup, no one knows better than the experts themselves.

Ace makeup artist Tamanna Rooz who for over a decade has inspired awe with her superior makeup skills and creativity, shares her take on how the current scenario has affected the bridal makeup industry even as she doles out extremely useful bridal beauty tips to help you put your best face forward on your big day.

Tamanna RoozMakeup Artist Tamanna Rooz; Miheeka Bajaj’s wedding day makeover by Tamanna Rooz

As one of the top bridal makeup artists in India with over a decade of experience, can you tell us a little about your journey?

When I first started off, we didn’t have many great academies or people who were ready to share knowledge. But thankfully, that scenario has now changed. Also, when it comes to beauty, the awareness levels in brides have definitely stepped up which has, in turn, resulted in people becoming more conscious about the makeup artist they personally select for their big day. Being more internet savvy, brides nowadays have access to tremendous amounts of information which can be, both, good and bad.

From my observations, for a decade almost all women favored more coverage to hide every flaw. But in the last two to three years there’s been a definite shift in the thought process as women have embraced a more natural look but at the same time, aren’t hesitant about accentuating their best features. Today, brides prefer a fresher look, pay extra attention to their skin and trust their makeup artists.

Tamanna RoozIndian professional badminton player Saina Nehwal’s wedding day look by Tamanna Rooz.

From subtle to ultra-glamorous, each makeup artist has their own signature style. How would you describe yours?

My signature style revolves around framing the face. Before I start working with any of my clients, I first understand the facial anatomy thoroughly along with the bride’s personal style. I strongly believe that every face should be painted differently and the bride’s style should also be a part of her big day look. For example, if I’m working with a bride who sports a winged liner on a regular basis, I would somehow like to incorporate the same in her look. No bride should look completely different on her wedding day. Every bride has a unique personal style and I always fuse the bride’s style along with my technique to make sure that she’s in her comfort zone.

Nowadays, due to brides sporting masks, special emphasis is placed on eye makeup. What kind of eye makeup looks would you suggest for an Indian bride?

Eye makeup is very dependent on eye structure, hence, the approach has to change from person to person. But one specific technique that is quite versatile and works on 80 percent of brides is halo eyes. With this technique, you can go full glam with glitter or keep it soft with matte eye shadow. Be it hooded or almond-shaped eyes, halo eyes balance everything out and keep the attention away from other flaws.

Tamanna RoozMiheeka Bajaj’s gorgeous mehndi makeover by Tamanna Rooz.

For a bride who loves sporting bold lipsticks, a mask can result in a disastrous mess. Can you share a few tips on how to create a transfer-proof pout?

The makeup industry right now is booming with long-stay lipsticks. In fact, there are even products that don’t budge with regular makeup removers! Kat Von D, Huda Beauty, Fenty Beauty, and Stilla have a wide range of long-lasting, transfer-proof lip products that I’d recommend. However, as a rule, you must always ensure that your lips are well moisturized. I’d suggest slathering on a heavy layer of lip balm an hour before doing your makeup to hydrate your lips and investing in a good lip scrub that’ll buff out the dead skin, leaving your lips plump. Furthermore, a lip mask should also be used for deep nourishment the night before. Avoid using masks that are too clingy. Instead, opt for a mask that gives your lips more space so that you don’t smudge your lipstick while chatting.

Please name 4 products that every bride should have in her bag.

As a makeup artist, I feel it is our duty to ensure the bride’s makeup doesn’t smudge whether she jumps into the pool or sheds tears. But otherwise, I’d suggest:
1. A small bottle of your favorite perfume to quickly spritz on to keep body odor at bay.
2. A mini long-lasting lipstick like the one from Huda Beauty if you’re in the habit of licking or biting your lips.
3. A small powder puff, since it helps to keep the skin matt and set your makeup.
4. A powder compact that matches your tone for quick touch-ups.

Tamanna RoozShalini Kandukuri’s stunning wedding day makeover by Tamanna Rooz. Nikaah bridal look by Tamanna Rooz.

What is the most important beauty advice that you would give to a bride?

Follow a healthy diet and a proper skincare regime. Stick to the basics with natural remedies that are straight out of the kitchen and gentle on your skin. Being aware of your choices is extremely important as what works for others may not necessarily work for you. Beauty is a continuous process and good skin requires discipline.

What trends do you think will be embraced by brides in the year 2021?

Natural looks with easy-breezy hair will most definitely trend in 2021. I’ve also recently noticed a lot of sleek looks that are very elegant, classic, and simple. Modern styling for brides is here to stay. Being a believer in the popular adage ‘simplicity always wins hearts’, I feel that one should experiment with their hair and makeup during the smaller functions but play it safe with a classic and minimalistic look on their big day.

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