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WeddingSutra Reader Shares Tips About Planning A Wedding in Indore

Wedding planning made easy with real brides revealing their real experiences.

Weddings can be dreams turned into reality for couples looking to begin their journey as life partners with personal and heartfelt celebrations. But what does it take to truly make a wedding perfect? Planning, planning, and more planning! Perfection doesn’t come easy and requires a lot of effort to ensure every element is in sync with your vision. If this sounds like a daunting task, it very well can be. However, as they say, ‘It takes a village’, and having a little help and good advice can go a long way.

We got in touch with a WeddingSutra reader and bride Jaiti, who graciously shared her experience while planning her Indore wedding. If you are a bride looking for some tips and tricks, this is just what you need to read.

Can you tell us what planning your wedding in Indore was like?
“Considering the quality of food in the city, the flight connectivity, short travelling distances and large spaces, planning my wedding in Indore was a great decision. Moreover, my husband lives in Indore so it was an easy choice for us.”

Which locations did you choose for your wedding shopping?
“I shopped for my wedding outfits in various parts of New Delhi. I scoured locations including Shahpur Jat, Frontier Bazar and Frontier Raas for my trousseau.”

Did you have a specific theme in mind or were all your purchases spontaneous?
“I knew I wanted to wear lehengas for all my functions. For my engagement, however, I wore a blue gown from Dolly J Studio as my husband and I had decided to color coordinate. For the other outfits it was a ‘like it – buy it’ situation as I think deciding on a theme tends to narrow your options.”

Do you think brides should plan their outfits beforehand to make the shopping easier?
“Yes, having an idea helps but also be flexible to avoid any disappointments. It’s easiest to pick readymade pieces. Sometimes, even designers might not be able to fulfill your expectations. Buy different types of dresses for your trousseau – it can’t all be anarkalis or heavy suits. Variety is best and you’ll not get bored of your outfits.”

Did you have a budget set aside for your trousseau? If yes, how did you manage to not go overboard?
“I had set different budgets for different occasions. For my mehndi, I picked a simple bottle-green skirt and an embroidered top, which was comparatively cheaper than the other outfits. To glam up the skirt, I got customized tassels with our hashtag, date and a rickshaw motif on it. You have to be really careful to stick to your budget but it’s worth it. I checked out every store at Shahpur Jat and made comparisons between the prices, the fabric and the craftsmanship. To successfully get your money’s worth you should be willing to browse and compare costs.”

How did you pick the vendors for your wedding?
“I chose trusted vendors only. Thankfully, my sister got married last year so everything was tried and tested during her wedding. The decor was taken care of by Frozen Events. I chose Cheryl Chang for my makeup. For my mojaris on the wedding day, I chose Aliferous who customized them to match my lehengas, along with the wedding date and ‘bride’ inscribed on them. The tassels on my outfit for the mehndi ceremony were done by Backstitch. The beautifully crafted dry floral jewellery was by Lakshmi Mota – it turned out quite economical compared to the options available online. I accessorized my ensembles with kaleerein, anklets and danglers, all made of dry flowers and ghungroos. The mojris for my pre-wedding ceremonies were from NeedleDust, while the customized Bride’s’ mug, cushion covers and eye-mask were from Amazon.”

What advice would you like to give brides-to-be?
“Don’t panic in any situation; everything eventually falls into place. If you have a friend or a sister who recently tied the knot, consider making them your shopping partner as experience matters. Never miss a fitting or trust your tailor blindly – always follow up. It is also very important to schedule your makeup trials before your big day. I did so before the engagement and reception.

Finally, on the day of the wedding, keep yourself hydrated and eat before the function starts. I ate a plate of pasta as it is my favorite. It gave me energy, made me happy and allowed me to destress.”

Photography: Plush Affairs

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